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Not Alone by Christie Gordon

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Ash is a rock star. Micah is a broken man.
Neither one wants to be alone.

Ash Oakley has spent his life making music and doing what it takes to reach the top, along with his best friend (with benefits) Wells by his side. After a year of touring and opening in stadiums for rock legends across the globe, he needs down time and rents an apartment in a beach town outside of foggy San Francisco. He decides to take up surfing. His first time out, he discovers a rude, but mysterious man on the beach who captivates him in a way he didn’t expect. The man is clearly grief stricken, something Ash knows a lot about after losing his guitar-playing brother to a drug overdose.

Micah Knowles left his friends, his family, and his high-tech job to sit on the beach, day after day, struggling to heal from a devastating event he can’t even speak of out loud. He doesn’t deserve friendship and certainly doesn’t deserve love, not after what he did.

When their worlds collide, Ash must uncover the truth about the man he’s falling for and decide if he can handle it. Micah must face his demons to heal and let Ash in. But after all that, Ash’s very public world and lifestyle might be the thing that tears them apart.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Micah repositioned himself on the towel, sitting with his legs wrapped in front of him and popped open a new beer. “This is really weird, being with someone that gets recognized like that.”

“Yeah? Is it a problem?” He finished his beer.

“Ah, n-no.” Micah stretched forward and grabbed Ash’s empty beer can. “Want another?”

“Sure.” His attention drew out to the horizon, the sun now a sliver of orange and darkness closing in on them around the fire. “By the way, I don’t always get recognized this much. It must be this area. My band is pretty popular here. If we were in Dallas or something, I bet no one would know me.” A shiver worked its way up his spine. “Damn, it’s getting cold.”

Micah handed him a new beer, the top already opened. “I’ll put more wood on the fire.” He picked up a few chunks of wood and set them up in a tee pee pattern. “You are amazing when you sing. I can see how your band would be as popular as it is.”

“Thanks.” He raised his beer to Micah and drank some down. He beamed internally. He might suck at surfing, but he had Micah’s full attention when he sang.

“Are you going to sing anymore?” Micah crept closer to Ash, almost touching him from the side.

“Do you want me to?” He smiled at Micah and fingered his silver necklace, noting the closeness.

“I do, but I don’t want anyone else coming around.” A shy grin spread over Micah’s lips.

“So, you don’t want to share me with anyone?” He sipped his beer and quirked one side of his mouth.

Micah stared into the fire. In a soft voice, he said, “No, I don’t.”

Ash smiled. It was definitely working. He lightly strummed the guitar a few times, then tucked the pick into a spot at the head and broke out in a mixture of strumming and plucking the strings with his fingers, his head rocking forward and back to the beat, his body swaying with the guitar. He sang the first verse of Say by John Mayer, starting out in a softer tone. In between verses, he gazed at Micah and smiled. As the second chorus started up, he strummed harder, with more rhythm and sang louder, building the song. As he sang the bridge, he gazed directly into Micah’s eyes. The third verse started, and he brought the volume down, but kept his voice strong. As he strummed and rocked his head and swayed, singing the chorus over and over, he closed his eyes, fully immersed in the song.

Sudden, warm pressure crushed his lips. He fell backward to the sand, his eyes opening. Micah gazed back at him. The guitar slipped from his hands.

Micah covered Ash with his warm body, placing his hands on Ash’s cheeks. He parted Ash’s lips and explored his mouth with his tongue.

Ash’s mind raced. It was happening. He wound his arms around Micah, pulled him closer, kissing him harder, moaning.

Micah pressed his hard cock against Ash’s hip. He kept his hands on Ash’s cheeks, his mouth laying claim to him with demanding kisses. He groaned into Ash’s mouth.

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About the Author:

Christie Gordon started writing gay and M/M romance fiction after becoming preoccupied with anime and in particular, the boys love and yaoi genres. She’s always had stories in her head and always enjoyed writing, so she took up fiction writing classes at a local community college and published her first book with eXtasy Books back in 2009. Christie likes to write complicated characters with painful pasts that refuse to be ignored until the characters are forced to face them head on. Angst? Yes. Happily ever after? Always. It’s the struggle to get there that counts.

Christie’s day job is in the high-tech industry with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and enjoyed eight years in the Bay Area of California but grew up in Minnesota. She shares a home with her partner of twelve years, a musician by night and a coder by day, who is currently in three bands, giving her plenty of time to keep writing. She is also a mother of two sons, one currently in college for engineering and the other preparing for nursing college. Her one-eyed, rescue pug is always by her side, snoring the day away.

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