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Release Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway:
More Than Enough
By B. Harmony


An MM Age-Play Romance

Can one vulnerable heart heal another?

Cresting the hill of middle-age, I find myself single. Again.
I think it’s time I give up being little and the hope of finding my one true Daddy.
A final hurrah at the local club, fulfilling a promise to my friend, and then I’ll move on with my life.
Locking eyes with the handsome man across the room sends my head spinning.
Is it possible my dream Daddy is real after all?

A life-changing injury marks the end of my military career.
I never expected it would also send littles running scared.
Looks like my time as a Daddy might be over.
Being dragged to the local club only reminds me of the past and a future I may never have.
Until I see a little who challenges everything I know.
He’s adorable, but can he accept me as I am and look past what’s missing?

More Than Enough is an MM age-play romance featuring an older little and a younger Daddy. Together, they navigate the pain of inadequacy and discover the strength of love.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I don’t know about this, Codfish.” My love of Disney villains aside, this place looks dark and ominous. I’m not walking in there without good cause. I tangle my fingers in the fabric of my shirt, a loose-fit button-up hanging over my denim jeans, hiding my onesie.

I’m nervous as all get out and my little side dancing close to the surface isn’t helping. The darkened building, with black-painted brick and a large black wooden door, looks like every evil lair seen in the movies. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cody was leading me to the witch’s cauldron himself.

Okay, maybe close to the surface was an understatement.

“It’s okay, E. I promise. You saw the pictures of what it looks like inside. There’s absolutely nothing to be scared of.”

“Your friend is right.” I jump at the voice, turning my head to the doorway it came from. A tall, muscular man with a bald head and thick beard steps into the light. He’s wearing a black T-shirt that looks painted on, dark pants over combat boots, and a bright smile that’s at odds with the rest of his demeanor.

“Do you think it’s a henchman?” I whisper to Cody, who laughs and pulls me closer.

“No, silly boy. He’s a bodyguard.”

“Pish, that’s what he wants you to think.”

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About the Author:

Bree Harmony, or B. Harmony is an MM romance author with a penchant for writing about boys who kiss boys, hard rock and a little bit of headbanging. Pretty obvious with the last name Harmony, right?

With survival instincts fueled by iced coffee and far too many swear words to rival any sailor, B. Harmony somehow manages to produce (mostly sweet) contemporary MM romance, with plenty of steam.

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