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The Fires of Daytime
by Drea Roman


A Valewood Novel, Book 10

Worlds collide, sparks fly, and these new mates will have to use all the wits the gods gave them to survive the fires of daytime.

Just because Calvin Carter plays an omega on the long-running soap opera, The Blazing Inferno, doesn’t mean he is one in real life. Right?

Daytime drama spills from the sound stage into Calvin’s life when he is rescued by a hunky fireman who claims, in his deep, sexy voice, that the human is his mate. And that was just on Monday!

Having arrived in Valleywood the day before, Xander hasn’t even explored the magical movie making city, when a fire on the set of a studio lot leads him to the rescue of his fated mate.

When Calvin’s precocious costar is kidnapped for real, he and Xander are going to need some magical help to save the day.

Join Xander, the hunky fireman with the deep voice, and Calvin, the plucky soap star, as their lives turn into the sweeps week from hell. Will they crash and burn? Or light up the Valleywood skies in a blaze of glory and soap opera magic?

The Fires of Daytime is book ten of the brand new Valleywood series, where magic and the silver screen unite.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:


I must fall asleep because the next thing I know, a loud bang vibrates through the particle board walls of my dressing room, jostling my couch, and tumbling me to the floor.

            Smoke greets my nose and mouth when I attempt to stand up and I fall back down onto my hands and knees, trying to recall the fire safety tips someone must have taught me at some point in my life. 

Stop, drop, and roll? No, I’m not on fire. Yet. 

I should cover my nose and mouth.  Fumbling around, I find an old tshirt under the end of the collapsed couch and pull it over my head, leaving my eyes free and my nose and mouth covered.  Now what?

Smoke is filling up my room fast, so I half scramble, half crawl toward the door, which is thankfully jarred open, probably from that blast that woke me up.  If I had time, I would thank the gods for that, too.  Instead I peek my head out, trying to figure out which way to go.  Everything is dark and the air is heavier with smoke by the second. 

Think, Calvin, think! Which way is the exit?

I close my eyes and try to remember.  To the right!

            Opening my eyes, I realize I can’t make out anything, not even the red, glowing exit sign that should be right above the door.  Hoping my memory is correct, I try to crawl toward where I think the exit door is.


            Oh, no, that sound can’t be good.  I try to crawl faster, but the smoke makes its way into my nose and mouth and lungs through my makeshift tshirt mask.  Coughing as I inch closer to what I hope is freedom, I hear another loud noise, like wood buckling beneath a heavy strain.  Before my fear can spike up again, something heavy lands against my back, quashing me to the floor. 

            Help! I think as my compressed lungs try to pull in oxygen through the heavy smoke.  The object on top of me could be a beam or one of the flimsy dressing room walls, but it holds me solidly in place no matter what it is.

            I can’t breathe! Where’s Cassandra? Leo didn’t come. My thoughts jumble, one on top of the other as my eyes become too heavy to hold open.  Can’t give up. . . don’t . . .want . . . to . . .die.

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About Drea:

Drea Roman is an overeducated lady with cats, a ferret, lizards, a fiancé, a sister, and a wonderful village of likeminded friends, authors, and artists. All of this coupled with too many day jobs makes Drea a ridiculously busy woman.

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