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Release Blitz & Exclusive Excerpt: Remembrance Lost By Arian Williams

Remembrance Lost--EBOOK--Cover--FINAL

Tasier, Book 3

Clueless MC with amnesia

Hopelessly romantic other half

Special coffee thermos messages

Crazy teleportations across the world

Battle for one who needs to be redeemed

Rescuing a trapped hacker

And mistaken and lost identities

Ryan met his soulmate when he was fifteen. And for him, it was a love at first sight.

Nikki was sixteen, an orphan who came to live with his family with no memory of who he’d been.

Five years later, Ryan’s still unsure whether there’s something more between them other than platonic love. They’d bonded in every way, except as lovers.

Then the world of Tasier intrudes, a hacker in danger in need of a rescue and a brother who needs redemption. Nikki and Ryan, along with their friends, travel across the world and are met with astonishing adventure and danger. With Nikki’s lost memories haunting them, will their bond be strong enough to survive the darkness that surrounds them?

This is part 3 of the series set in the universe of Tasier, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities. It can be read standalone, but as it draws on the background story about Tasier developed in previous books, it is better if read in sequence.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Nikki’s face crumpled. “Losing you. I’m deadly afraid you’ll leave me one day.” Sharp pain slashed through his heart as he gazed at his love. He’d failed Nikki. He should’ve told him how much he loved him. If he’d told him, Nikki would never have been afraid he’d leave him for sex. He’d been selfish and had held a small piece of himself back by not telling Nikki how he felt. All because he’d desperately wanted Nikki, and holding back his feelings was the only way he could control his desire. “Nikki. You’re my soulmate. Nothing will ever change that. I’ll be with you always, no matter what. Of course I want to be intimate with you, but that’s because I love you so much.” Nikki sniffed. “I love you so much too, but there’s something wrong with this body.” Ryan locked his gaze with Nikki’s watery eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with you. You said Rafe told you the same. It’s okay if you don’t want to have sex. I’d never leave you for that.” Nikki looked unconvinced. “Yes?” He finally gave a small nod. “Okay.” Nikki pulled the sheet down further and used a piece of it to wipe his face and blow into it. Then he looked at the damp, wrinkled, kohl-smeared cloth in his hand and grimaced. “I just blew my nose on our sheet.” Ryan smiled. “That’s okay. We can just throw it in the laundry.” “You really ran away because you were too tempted?” Nikki asked with a wobbly smile. Ryan nodded, and his atarav’s smile widened. His heart melted completely. He touched his forehead to Nikki’s. “Can I kiss you?” “Okay.” Nikki tilted his face slightly upward, and Ryan set his lips softly against his. It was a chaste kiss, but he didn’t press further. Just the touch of Nikki’s soft lips zinged him to his toes.
Remembrance Lost Promo World of Tasier

Catch Up on the Tasier Series: Book 1: Dream Bound

Cover: Dream Bound: Tasier Book 1

JOON thinks he has his life figured out. He has a fellowship at a prestigious university. He’s made peace with the fact that he’d never feel love or attraction to another person. He is mostly content with his orderly life, despite the occasional pang of loneliness.

Until one day, a chance encounter at a cafe turns his life sideways.

Before he knows it, Joon gets caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special abilities. He discovers that his hitherto unknown and mysterious biological parents were time travelers. But most surprising of all, he finds a man he hadn’t known he’d been dreaming about.

TREY has been in love with Joon all his life. Joon is his best friend, his soulmate, his everything. His life is complete; with childhood full of adventures, a membership in a secret organization, sometimes annoying but fabulous special abilities, and of course the love of his life.

Except there is just a small problem.

He’s only met the love of his life through their shared dreams and his soulmate didn’t remember him.

As they meet for the first time outside their dreams, their love for each other grows, but so does the darkness that casts a shadow over them. Together they discover hidden threats against Joon and the secret organization they belong to that can tear their love apart. Will Joon and Trey find strength within and with each other to fight against the darkness?

This is Part I of the series set in the universe of a secret organization named Tasier.

Part I’s adventure belongs to Joon and Trey.

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Cover: Dream Bound: Tasier Book 1

Book 2: Souls Aligned


Tasier, Book Two

Age gap romance, soulmates with supernatural abilities, time traveling gone amok, longing for flushing toilets, abundance of sarcasm, and a bit of angst-filled pining ending in happily ever after

From the moment he laid his eyes on him, Eric knew Bhas was his soulmate. Beautiful, enigmatic, and timeless, Bhas became a constant presence in his heart. But as his guardian and protector, Bhas seems oblivious to his love. Heartbroken, Eric ran away, leaving his heart permanently behind.

Now Eric has to face Bhas again. And danger and darkness follow them as they embark on an adventurous journey to the past to help their friends in the Tasier organization. Will there be enough time for Eric to convince Bhas they are meant to be? Can their souls be aligned now that they are brought together again?

This is part 2 of the series set in the universe of Tasier, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities. Can be read standalone, but some of the background story about Tasier would be better understood if read in sequence.

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About the Author:

Arian lives in the nostalgic rainy city of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the US with her loving husband, five adorable stuffed penguins, all with their own proper names, and one imaginary Maine Coon cat.

She began writing romance novels in high school primarily to entertain her romance reading buddies, but it soon became her hobby and passion. She’s just never been confident enough until later in her life to put herself out there.

She loves to live in her own head and vicariously experience the lives of her characters. How else would she be able to live half a dozen lives at once?

She’s grateful for her caring husband who’s been nothing but encouraging despite her spending hours inside her head and her imaginary furry friends who mostly don’t throw tantrums when she happens to be buried in her writing.

Connect with Arian:

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