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Death of the Moon
By S.A. Pavlik

Death of the Moon Ebook

Secrets of the Moon, Book 1

A werewolf with secrets.

Alec Channing has lived a long life, going through the motions, lost in his troubled past, until fellow shifters start dying around him. An increase in werewolf attacks only adds to Alec’s problems. As his past closes in, his only hope lies in one man—an unaware human whose vanilla and spice scent and easygoing attitude draw Alec in. However, what happens when that man uncovers the truth about Alec’s world?

A homicide detective out of his depth.

Detective Damien O’Connor joined the Columbus Police Department to bring closure to victims and their families—closure he never got for himself. But when none of the evidence adds up for what should be a routine death investigation, he’s floundering. As the bodies pile up, the sweet man who caught Damien’s eye falls in the center of the storm. When secrets come out, can Damien reconcile his new reality and solve the case?

Death of the Moon is book one of the Secrets of the Moon trilogy, an 83k word M/M Paranormal Crime/Mystery Romance, with an HFN ending. While there is a complete story arc in this book, there are plot threads that will carry on throughout the trilogy. There are language and explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Warnings: MC with PTSD, past torture implied through flashbacks, dealing with grief.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

Their meal arrived, and Alec fought not to fidget. He’d been so caught up in his own head earlier that he hadn’t realized Damien had let Deci put in the order for all four burgers. Alec was starving, though. Werewolf metabolism burned through calories at a ridiculous rate, and he expended more energy than most.

This time, the silence they fell into felt comfortable as each of them dove into their meals.

Alec’s face burned again when Damien offered to pay for dinner. Unsure how to turn down the offer—Alec was the one who’d invited the other man to eat with him, after all—he just went with it. This was an entirely unfamiliar experience for him. Ari hadn’t been joking when she’d told Collin that Alec had no love life. Hell, he had no dating life. He was too afraid of opening himself up that way after the last few times and dating in public like this hadn’t been possible back in the thirties.

The few partners he’d had in his long life had left for one reason or another. They often grew frustrated and impatient with his hang-ups, among other things. But Damien made him want to try again.


When Damien rose to head home, Alec stopped him before he knew what he was doing. Words tumbled unbidden out of his mouth. “Wait, before you go, why don’t you text me, so I have your number? I—I really enjoyed this and wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

Why had he asked that?

But now that the question was out there, Alec couldn’t take it back. He didn’t want to.

Heat rose to Alec’s cheeks, but he rattled off his cell number before he could lose his nerve and held his breath, chewing on his bottom lip. When the phone buzzed in his pocket with the pattern of an unknown number, he sighed in relief.

Damien left after shooting Alec a teasing, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’d love to see you again.”

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About the Author:

S.A. Pavlik writes what she wants to read, but it doesn’t exist… yet. An avid reader, she first discovered and promptly devoured hundreds of M/M Romance novels in 2019 and it rekindled her desire to write. She started her debut novel, Death of the Moon, the very next year.

She was born and raised in Wisconsin where it’s too cold but she loves it there anyway. She lives with her husband and her furbaby—a needy, elderly, deaf cat named Rise (Ree-say). Because who uses names that are instantly pronounceable? When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s obsessively playing video games or proving that an introvert can be an extrovert on the internet after all.

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