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Jackals Wild
By Abby Kaitz

Jackals Wild Ebook - FINAL

Quiet, studious Adam Hatchard is ready to reinvent himself and be the leading man in his own life.

  • Survive his first frat party? Check.
  • Talk to the hot TA in math class? Halfway(ish) there.
  • Coexist in peace with his Neanderthal roommate? Send help.

From day one, Carter Ellison has given Adam nothing but cocky smirks, secondhand embarrassment, and dirty underwear all over their room—the perfect storm for Most Annoying Roommate Ever.

His ridiculously toned body deserving to be the eighth wonder of the world is beside the point.

But Carter has a secret: an unconventional side hustle involving cameras and a distinct lack of clothing. When Adam stumbles upon Carter’s online alter ego, the last thing he expects to feel is…compassion.

And when Carter asks him to hold the camera? Adam discovers that there’s more to his roommate than the irritating frat boy persona Carter puts on.

What begins as a way for both of them to earn extra cash develops into something more. Something involving longer-than-appropriate stares, stolen touches, midnight confessions—and the realization that Adam just may have found his own leading man.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

There was a fine art to navigating personal relationships, and Carter Ellison had it mastered. Keep it FIT: funny, impersonal, transient.

Someone trying to strike up a conversation during lecture? Humor them but keep it in class.

His fraternity brothers wanting to bond? Crack some jokes and leave it at that.

People in his dorm inviting him for a round of Frisbee? Lie about an ingrown toenail so they never ask again.

Today was a fine day to be FIT.

He made it to the doorstep of Lambda Lambda Chi before turning right around.

“Where are you going? Chapter starts in ten minutes.” David walked up the front lawn with a box full of paperbacks that were no doubt for their new bullshit book club.

Carter mustered up a weak smile. “It’s my roommate. He’s hungover real bad. First time drinking. I’m just worried about him and want to make sure he doesn’t do anything dumb again, like walk into the girls’ bathroom.”

David narrowed his eyes a fraction.

“He just texted me,” Carter continued. “Needs aspirin. Gotta go to the store now.”

David kept his eyes narrowed. “You know you’ll have to start paying a fine if you keep missing chapter. But whatever, man. Do what you have to do.”

Someone give me an Academy Award.

The slight nip in the air fueled him as he crossed Pemaquid Avenue towards the only place he wanted to be.

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To celebrate the release of Jackals Wild, Abby is giving away a $20 Amazon Voucher and a e-copy of Jackals Wild!

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About the Author:

Abby Kaitz writes humorous gay romance, with a soft spot for new adult/college stories. She loves watching and reading rom-coms and aims to bring that same energy to her own writing. She lives in Florida and dreams of snow year-round. On her way to becoming that crazy dog lady.

Connect with Abby:
Instagram: @abbykaitz
Facebook: Abby Kaitz
Website: www.abbykaitz.com
Newsletter: https://www.abbykaitz.com/newsletter


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