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By J.P. Jackson


Magus Malefica – The Coven Series, Book 2

Cam Habersham is having a hell of a time keeping up with his fae studies in the Ancestral Lands because a certain werewolf constantly interrupts his thoughts. Everton Lilch is the wolfen beast who follows Cam around, but he pushes Cam away every time things get steamy.

The queen of the fae has had enough and tasks Cam with an impossible feat, an undertaking only Everton can help him accomplish.

Without his coven, Sparks Gemmell is a lost witch. In desperation, he casts a spell, hoping to reunite his brothers. But he doesn’t count on the wayward route magic often takes. He finds himself wrapped up in a mandate of the horned god and inserted into his Shadow Brothers’ relationship in order to protect his city from the darkest elements of the Shadow Realm.

As the darkness of the Shadow Realm descends, Cam and his werewolf, along with Sparks and his coven brothers, confront wraiths, mutant werewolves, and witch law enforcement. Chaos erupts in an effort to please queens and gods.

After all, it comes down to the ley of the land.

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Special Release Excerpt:

“Where is everyone?” Ev gave up, throwing the tea towel on the counter. He leaned against the bank of drawers behind him and crossed his arms over his chest. Muscles along his forearm rippled as he clenched his fists.

“Josip is visiting his ex-wife and the kids—” Franco picked up the bowl and scraped the bottom with his spoon, attempting to get each drop and morsel of stew. “—and Serge is out trying to find Lars.”

“What do you mean ‘trying to find’?” Ev cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, if you’d use the cell phone you have, you’ll have seen the dozen or so texts I sent about a week ago when Lars didn’t come home from the last boundary run.” A regular scamper near the pack’s territory edge was performed on a rotating basis. Like doing house chores. Except the run allowed them to shift, and any werewolf loved a good run.

Ev dropped his head forward in disbelief, dug his phone out of his back pocket, and stared at a black screen.

“You probably have to turn it on.” Franco growled as he pushed the empty bowl aside. Ev glanced up briefly from his phone to eyeball Franco.

Ev held the side button and turned the device on. After a quiet couple of minutes, Franco stood up, walked around the kitchen island, and stood beside his alpha. He grabbed the phone and punched a few buttons. Everton gaped in awe at the rapid movements of Franco’s fingers.

“There. I set up your notifications which you had turned off.”

“Maybe because I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“That’s nice when you’re on vacation, but when you’re the leader of a pack of misfit wolfen beasts who are generally self-destructive, make bad decisions, and run hot and angry most of the day, you might want to stay in communication with me so I can update you on everything going on.”

“Hey! Not fair. I came back to the city because you called and told me there was an emergency.”

“I had been calling you for two weeks! And yes, there had been an emergency. We still have an emergency and now a missing wolf.”

“Okay, well, Lars has been known to get his ass thrown in jail for bar fights. Has anyone bothered to check them out first?”

“Of course I did. I also called the hospitals and a handful of funeral homes. Nothing. He’s flat out missing. But that’s not the worst of it.”

“Do tell, what other scenario would prove to be worse than Lars missing?”

“There’s another alpha in town. And he’s been down in our River Valley in front of the house. His scent is all over the place.”

“You sure it’s an alpha? Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a drifter wolf come through town.”

“Oh, quite sure. It’s the same heady scent you give off that gives us all an erection whether we want one or not. And I’ve snuffled out the pheromones down by the riverbanks right outside our front door. Whoever the culprit is, he’s been watching us.”

“No shit.”

Ev grit his teeth over this catastrophic information. A drifter wolf passing through town, no problem. But shapeshifters weren’t exactly common. You can’t breed a wolf. Only make them, and most don’t survive the bite because a werewolf who is lashing out and biting is seeing nothing but red. And in the confusion, anger, and bloodlust, there isn’t enough common sense running through the wolf’s brain to say, “Whoa buddy, just a nip is all you need.” Nope, it’s rip them to shreds.

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Catch up on the series with
Book 1: Summoned


Magus Malefica – The Coven Series, Book 1

Devid Khandelwal desperately wants to experience the supernatural. After years of studying everything from crystals to tarot to spellcasting, nothing has happened that would tell him the Shadow Realm is real. And that kills Dev. As a last-ditch resort, he purchases a summoning board, an occult tool that will grant him his ultimate desires.

Cameron Habersham is Dev’s best friend. Cam loves Dev like a brother and will do anything for him, as long as he looks good doing it. So when Dev asks him to perform the summoning board’s ritual, he reluctantly agrees, but he knows nothing will come of it. Nothing ever does.

However, within a day, Dev and Cam’s lives are turned upside down as wishes begin to come true. They discover the existence of a supernatural world beyond their imagination, but peace between the species is tenuous at best.

Dev finally gets to see the Shadow Realm, meets the man of his dreams, and is inducted into the local male coven. But for all the desires that were summoned into existence, Dev soon realizes the magical community dances the line between good and evil, and Cam ends up on the wrong side of everything.

The old adage is true: Be careful what you wish for.

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J.P. Jackson

About the Author:

J.P. Jackson is an award winning author of dark urban fantasy, paranormal, and even paranormal romance stories, but regardless of the genre they always feature LGBTQ+ main characters.

J.P. works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, where if cornered he’d confess to casting spells to ensure clinicians actually use the electronic medical charting system he configures and implements.

At night, the writing happens, where demons, witches and shape shifters congregate around the kitchen table and general chaos ensues. His husband of 22 years has very firmly put his foot down on any further wraith summonings and regularly lines the doorway with iron shavings and salt crystals. Imps are most definitely not house-trainable. Ghosts appear at the most inopportune times, and the Fae are known for regular visits where a glass of wine is exchanged for a good ole story or two. Although the husband doesn’t know it, Canela and Jalisco, the two Chihuahuas, are in cahoots with the spell casting.

J.P.’s other hobbies include hybridizing African Violets (thanks to grandma), extensive travelling, and believe it or not, knitting.

Follow JP Jackson on the following social media platforms:
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