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Luca: An Open Wounds Novella
By Michelle Frost

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Open Wounds, Book 5

Life hasn’t always been kind to Luca Barlos. His second chance came in the form of Rourke MMA and a brother who refused to give up on him. Now, he has a job he enjoys, friends, and a crush he can’t ignore. Luca may be shy, but he knows what he wants—the gorgeous detective with chestnut hair and a kind smile.

Clark hasn’t always been a tough-guy detective. In school, he was the nerdy, chubby kid. Now he’s all grown up, living his dream of being a cop and working up the nerve to ask the object of his affections on a date.

Luca is the first novella in the continuation of the Open Wounds series. The series is best read in order.

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Sweat dripped down Clark’s brow. He both loved and hated Monday mornings. Because, well, Monday…but also because it was his volume training day and five sets of five reps of any exercise seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. Dagen usually laughed and clapped him on the back while offering up some motivational words, but Dagen was still on his honeymoon and Clark was on his own with only his will and his training notebook to keep him on track.

On the flipside, Monday meant the beginning of a new week, a fresh start, and being at the gym meant he’d get to see Luca. Stepping forward, he returned the bar to the rack. Squats were one of his favorite exercises and even though he was working with lighter weight that week, he still enjoyed the burn and stretch of his muscles. The thump of his heart.

The anticipation of when Luca would walk through the door on this particular Monday gave him flutters in his belly. He still couldn’t believe how things had turned out over the weekend. He’d shared a meal with Luca. They’d exchanged numbers. Months and months of not pushing and trying to slowly build a bond had worked. Luca had agreed to another dinner date—because their sandwich excursion absolutely was a date, dammit—and Clark was over the moon. He was pretty sure he hadn’t stopped smiling in over twenty four hours.

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To celebrate the release of Luca, Michelle is giving away a Signed Paperback bundle of all 4 Books in the Open Wounds Series (Open Internationally)!

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Check out the other stories in the Open Wounds series, Now in a BOXSET!

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 5.56.47 pm

Family. Loyalty. Love.

Follow the Rourke brothers as they fight through injuries, fear, doubt, past mistakes, and current obstacles on their way to love. Each book in the Open Wounds series features one brother’s journey to their personal HEA set among their family owned tattoo shop and MMA fight gym.
This boxset contains:
Carry and Drag
Take Down
Matched Intensity
And the Dagen and Ollie bonus short, Recovery

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About the Author:

Stories have always been Michelle Frost’s escape. Even as a kid, she can remember writing stories featuring her favorite cartoon characters. Now, her characters are a little more grown up, as are the stories she likes to tell. A self-proclaimed coffee addict and a bit of an introvert, she can most likely be found with her nose in a book.

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