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Release Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway:
Sorcery’s Kiss
By Kayleigh Sky


Demon Tales and Fairy Games, Book 1

Welcome to the Fillery Hotel, home to the Bells and Balls Convention, and last stop for a runaway fairy prince and the grumpy demon hunter who loves him.

Dick Slumber is a growly demon hunter with a three-legged cat he doesn’t want and a secret he must keep at all costs. But Dick has a problem—he’s not who he says he is, and he’s running out of ways to hide it.

Gin Lark is a feisty fairy prince whose job is to help his sister keep demons out of the human realm. But Gin has a problem—he doesn’t possess an ounce of magic, and somebody wants him dead.

When Gin goes into hiding as a hotel housekeeper, and Dick is hired to find him, they discover themselves in the center of a cursed hotel, a resurrected pinball convention with its own secrets, and a tear in the sky called the rift, which is about to let loose a horde of demons.

Falling in love should be the last thing on Dick and Gin’s to-do list—unless love is the only thing that can save them.

Sorcery’s Kiss is book one of an exciting new MM paranormal fantasy series called Demon Tales and Fairy Games, where demons, fairies, and trolls live with unsuspecting humans. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, always sweet, magical, and romantic. Happily ever after guaranteed. Each book is linked but tells a complete story. No cheating, no unkindness.

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Special Exclusive Excerpt:

Gin sank against him, flattening his hand against the hard chest, feeling the drumming of Dick’s heart vibrating into his wrist. He moaned and got his own tongue into the game, playing in heat, plunging deep, battling Dick’s thrusts. Not that he put up much of a fight. If Dick wanted to take over, Gin was all for it. The grip on his neck brought goose bumps to his skin, shivers running through him.

Yes, yes, yes…

Dick was chuckling into his mouth as though Gin had yelled out loud.


Gin seldom hooked up, and this… was different. Friendlier, gentler, more ferocious. How could somebody be both tender and aggressive? But it worked.

Dick let go of Gin’s neck, stroked his arms, and squeezed his shoulders. He pulled away, and Gin chased after him, pushing against the restraint of Dick’s grip.

“You don’t owe me anything. I don’t want you to think that.”

To be honest, Gin wasn’t thinking anything. He was feeling, doing… grinding his teeth.

“Want you.”

“Want,” Dick whispered.

“Don’t you?”

Want me?

Dick was the one who’d stopped in the middle. Was Gin a lousy kisser? How would he know? Quick hookups didn’t usually—ever in Gin’s experience—include kissing. In and out.


He leaned in, watching Dick’s eyes darken and blur as he followed Gin’s face. Closer and closer, a breath between them.

Dick wasn’t moving away. Gin rolled his hips, pushing his swollen cock against Dick’s hard thigh. Smiling at the flare of his pupils.

“Am I okay?”

Dick cupped his face, thumb under his jaw, holding him still. A storm raged in Dick’s eyes. Dark and turbulent. Lightning cracking inside.

“I never question fate.”


Strange thing to say. Strange he didn’t answer the question, but Gin imagined he had, that it was the answer he wanted.

“I’m not hiding anything.”

Dick chuckled again. “I can feel that.”

With another roll of his hips, Gin groaned. “I—”


He jerked back.

Dick glowered. “That’s Asshole Cat.”

Gin swiveled his head. The cat sat on the coffee table. It was beautiful—except for the part where it mimicked a sputtering ball of static electricity—fuzzy, wispy, clumpy shades of brown and orange and cream as if it couldn’t decide whether it was a calico or tabby cat. Curly whiskers, ear tufts, amber eyes.

“I thought you said its name was Three-legged Cat.”

Dick looked taken aback. “Did I?”

“That’s just mean. He’s not an asshole.”

“He hissed at you.”

“That’s just how he talks. His name is Axel.”

The cat beamed.

“Fate,” Dick said, humor warming his rough, already warm voice. “Without you, I would have called him Asshole Cat forever.”

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About the Author:

Kayleigh is a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance. They currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with Finn and Wilhelmina (Minnie, for short), two wild and crazy fuzz balls. Kayleigh’s forever cat, Sam, was a sweet, long-haired black kitty who met every day with a smile and marched to the beat of his own drummer.

Kayleigh loves tarot, crystals, bullet journaling, yoga, flowers of all kinds, and meditation. Other interests include alchemy, intentional positivity, and kindness. Love is love, and it belongs to everyone.

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