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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Book of Elis
By Lou Skelton

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Q: What happens when a summer romance ends? A: The Book of Elis.

Two childhood friends reunite on vacation. Elis is a vain attention-seeker, yet Ieuan can’t help falling for him. Knowing the clock is ticking, Ieuan records their romance in his diary. But Elis is full of surprises. Is there more to him than it seems? And, with Elis and Ieuan living on opposite sides of the world, can there ever be anything deeper between them?

I decided to write this last night after everyone had gone to bed. Elis had sneaked into my room so we could mess around in the dark. For the first time, he kissed me. In four days our holiday will be over, so I don’t have long left. I have to get it all down while it’s still happening; before I forget what it was like.
Ieuan couldn’t be less impressed by the self-obsessed Elis, who brags about his life in Australia and who seems desperate for the attention of a girl back home. But, stuck together in a Spanish villa, they are drawn into a steamy and surprisingly tender romance.

Once the holiday is over, Elis must go back to Brisbane and Ieuan to a rainy village north of Cardiff. Though they remain in touch, Ieuan’s expectations of Elis are low. He is unreliable and immature—soon he’ll tire of the novelty of their relationship and the distance keeping them apart.

Or so he thinks. Because Elis is full of surprises, and Ieuan has to decide how much of his heart he dares to trust him with.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I got a message from Elis last night before he boarded—just a few laughter emojis at my security joke—and then another one just now. Just landed, it says. Slept a bit but flight was bumpy. Think I had a dream about you.

I felt an immediate stab of guilt, because I didn’t send him a photo last night like he’d asked. I spent most of the evening watching TV with Mum and Dad, and when I came to bed I was suddenly exhausted. Self-conscious, too. This house seems much smaller than I remember. I could hear my parents talking in their room next door and I got paranoid about them overhearing me. I couldn’t even use the shower as a cover because there was a queue for the bathroom. How did I manage as a teenager? I can’t remember, but I was always wanking then.

Just after I woke up, I looked at Elis’s pictures again. I had been thinking of getting on with it there and then—a picture of me all hard for him would make a nice distraction from his jet lag. My hand was on my dick—it felt good, nice and warm and thick in my boxers. But it stayed mostly soft and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I’m too wound up—it’s being here again, I think. So I texted him back and told him a lie. I said I’d had to get up early to visit my grandparents, which is what I should be doing instead of lying here wishing he was next to me. I said I’d send him something good tonight. That should be okay—I’ll be fine once I’ve relaxed a bit.

I also asked what kind of dream he’d had about me. He must’ve been looking at his phone as I got an answer straight back. I could picture him so easily: hunched over his phone, sulking between his sisters. He gets grumpy when he’s tired.

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About the Author:

Lou Skelton writes fun, filthy and feelsy gay romance stories from her home in south east London. She particularly enjoys subverting romantic tropes and heteronormative narratives, but she still loves a good, old-fashioned happy ending. She has several books in development and is in the middle of writing her first series.

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