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Release Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway:
Give and Go
By F.A. Ray

Give and Go New Cover

World Cup Series, Book 3

“I’ve never been tied up and spanked, but for him, I’d say yes to just about anything.”

Alejandro goes home from the 2024 Olympics with a silver medal – and a hunger for the man who put him on his knees. He never had someone dress him in lingerie and order him to his knees. But now he has a taste for more.

Blair talks about ropes, about paddles, about safe words and boundaries, and pushing the limits. Alejandro doesn’t even know what half the weird toys in Blair’s arsenal do. But he’s eager to try. Maybe a little too eager.

With his movie-star looks and perfect athlete’s body, Alejandro isn’t used to hearing no. He’ll travel the world and uproot his career if that’s what it takes to get what he wants. But Blair is carrying baggage from his past that makes him want to stop Alejandro long before either of them hit the edge. Together, they’ll push past boundaries they didn’t even realize they had.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Alejandro’s fingers move faster than his mind. He’s made a side career out of flirting, and this opportunity is too easy to miss. i could use a tour guide

It’s not that bad, he tells himself, as he watches the message fly off into the ether in terror. Vague enough to leave the door open – or for Blair to shut him down politely without even technically rejecting him.

Is that so?

Shit. Blair simply punts the question back to him, leaving it up to Alejandro to push harder, to make it more than a polite, off-hand remark. Is that what Blair wants? Is he one of those introverts you have to explicitly invite before he’ll dare to show up? But Blair certainly hasn’t been bashful up to this point, neither in Tokyo nor San Francisco. When he’s wanted Alejandro, he’s made that abundantly clear. Does he suddenly have doubts?

Then he gets another text.

Use your words, pretty thing. Tell me what you want.

Suddenly, the train car is stiflingly hot. The unquenchable, restless buzzing in Alejandro’s body quiets, replaced by a trill of excitement.

Alejandro goes back to his browser and gets screen shots of the weird toys. He sends them in a flurry. i dont know what half these do but all ive been able to think about is you using them

The reply is simple. I know what they do.

Alejandro glances around the train car. Not too crowded, thankfully, because the heat is starting to build. He chews on his lip when three dots appear to signal that Blair is writing more.

I know what they could do to you.

Alejandro’s mouth waters. im in the market for recommendations

A hands-on demonstration might prove more practical.

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To celebrate the release of Give and Go, F.A. Ray’s is giving 2 e-copies of the first book in the World Cup Series: Yellow Card!

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About the Author:

F.A. Ray started writing as a child and never really stopped. They currently live in the Pacific Northwest with their partner and any stray cat kind enough to visit. You can find them on Twitter at @faraywrites or at faraywrites.weebly.com.

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