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Past Life Lover
By S. Rodman

Past Life Lover Cover

Who knew putting the bins out could be life changing?

Sam is cleaning up his bar after closing time when out of nowhere a beautiful man jumps literally into his arms and won’t let go.

He soon discovers that the gorgeous stranger, Tally, has had a very traumatic night.

So all this talk of them being lovers in a past life and Tally escaping from hell to be with him again, must just be trauma induced delusions.

It has to be? Right?

There is no way this sweet looking young man is a reincarnated dark lord.

But Sam doesn’t mind looking after Tally until he feels better. It’s not like the poor man has anywhere else to go.

It’s not like one good deed will lead to his life being turned upside down and inside out. Will it?

So what if strange things start to happen? Such as hell hounds and then Lucifer’s husband showing up.

Tally might just well be worth it. Tally might just be worth everything.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Very nice performance. Ten out of ten.” said a rich voice by the foot of the bed.

Sam shrieked a very high pitched unmanly shriek and scrambled to a sitting position.

The stranger smiled benevolently at him. Long golden hair flowed down past slender shoulders to curl against a sapphire blue frock coat, of all things. The stranger’s eyes were emerald green and just as bright as the jewels they resembled.

“Zeph! Were you perving again?” grumbled Tally.

The stranger laughed, a musical enticing sound. “I am only teasing. I saw nothing. I just arrived.”

Tally crossed his arms and glared. “What do you want?”

“You.” said the stranger with a sweet smile, but Sam felt a prickle of unease.

“Who are you?” Sam asked.

Dazzling emerald eyes turned to him, and the stranger smiled. “How rude of me, I do beg your pardon. I’m Zephaniah, Prince of Hell.”

Sam blinked. The words rolled around his mind whilst his eyes were transfixed by the man’s snow white ruffly shirt. Who dresses like that? Who dresses like that and appears in people’s bedrooms in the middle of the night?

“You do know it’s not the seventeenth century anymore?” Sam heard himself say.

Under the covers, Tally kicked him, but Zephaniah merely sighed sadly and said, “Unfortunately. Fashion has only gone downhill since then.”

Sam didn’t know which was crazier, that either Tally had a lot of crazy friends who liked breaking into his bedroom, or it was all true. At this moment, his mind was struggling to accept either option. Sam knew he had seen Jinx appear out of the shadows. He knew he had seen the Hell hound, but somehow it still seemed abstract. His resistant mind was slowly digesting everything Tally had told him, but suddenly faced with something tangible and not merely an idea, his brain was throwing a rebellion.

Sam’s mind backtracked to the man’s introduction. “Prince of Hell? So you are Lucifer’s son?”

Zephaniah wrinkled his perfect nose. “No, that would be ridiculous.”

That made Sam feel better. Perhaps there was a rational explanation after all.

“I am Lucifer’s consort,” said Zephaniah proudly.

“You are married to the devil?” spluttered Sam.

Zephaniah grinned, “Precisely.”

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About the Author:

I love characters that are battered and broken by life, who through the course of finding love, discover they are strong.
I like to pour my dark past into my characters and hope I will be forgiven.
Despite everything, because of everything, I will always believe that love conquers all.

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