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Class Act
By Gianni Holmes

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Gianni Holmes comes a new heartfelt, steamy, forbidden, teacher-student romance.

Abe Cooper is a triple threat.

He’s my best friend’s father.

He’s the football coach at my high school.

And he’s a married man

His marriage is on the rocks and he could lose his job for the way he looks at me.

I could lose my only friend in the world.

I know I should stay away instead of flirting with him.

But all the cons don’t outweigh how I feel when I’m with him.

When my home situation gets worse, Abe is there for me. But what we do under his roof when everyone’s asleep makes me feel guilty.

Now his daughter, my closest friend, knows he’s stepping outside his marriage and she’s hellbent to find out who I am.

How long can we keep us a secret and how dare we be happy together when it might hurt the ones we love?

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I slipped out of the bedroom, but instead of heading downstairs, I stopped at the room Abe shared with his wife. I glanced around me, then tried the door, surprised to find it unlocked. How careless. What if one of these horny kids went inside to fuck on his bed?

I entered, closed the door, and spun the lock then clicked on the light. No one was hiding inside. I took in the lavish bedroom, the king-sized bed with the mountain of pillows, the rug, expensive ivory curtains, and the dark wood furniture.

What are you doing here, Emery?

The closet was open, and I moved toward it. His clothes were to the right and hers to the left. They organized their shoes on stands against the wall. How couple-y everything looked.

Teresa’s clothes were designer. I skipped through the racks and admired each garment—the sexy dresses and the power suits. With every article I touched, my confidence lowered. Teresa was a sophisticated, mature woman. She was the mother of Abe’s child. They’d exchanged vows. They’d been through shit together and had had happy times.

How could I compete with that?

I stepped back from the closet, my heart aching, not so much over how lovely the room was but what it represented. This was where Abe lay next to his wife every night. Where he would make love to her. I’d never asked him about it because I hadn’t wanted to know.

Had he fucked her since our affair started? I’d convinced myself that he hadn’t. That I was the only one.

It made sense now. His objection to what I did for money. I could barely stand the thought of him holding her with the same tender care he showed me. Did he give her my special smile?

I sat on the bed and pressed my face to the nearest pillow. The scent wasn’t quite right. I reached for another and buried my nose into it. This. This was Abe’s pillow. I inhaled like the fragrance he’d left behind was a drug and I needed a quick fix. I crushed the pillow into my chest and curled up on the bed.

“You don’t love her anymore. You love me,” I whispered. Had he fucked her on these soft bed linens? Did she moan for him the way I did?

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About the Author:

Gianni Holmes is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary MM romance. She’s a former teacher of Spanish Language and Latin American literature who resides in the Caribbean. Gianni has a love for superheroes, a fear of horror movies, and an obsession with old TV sitcoms.

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