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Class Act
By Gianni Holmes

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Gianni Holmes comes a new heartfelt, steamy, forbidden, teacher-student romance.

Abe Cooper is a triple threat.

He’s my best friend’s father.

He’s the football coach at my high school.

And he’s a married man

His marriage is on the rocks and he could lose his job for the way he looks at me.

I could lose my only friend in the world.

I know I should stay away instead of flirting with him.

But all the cons don’t outweigh how I feel when I’m with him.

When my home situation gets worse, Abe is there for me. But what we do under his roof when everyone’s asleep makes me feel guilty.

Now his daughter, my closest friend, knows he’s stepping outside his marriage and she’s hellbent to find out who I am.

How long can we keep us a secret and how dare we be happy together when it might hurt the ones we love?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

The creak of the door startled me, and I turned around. Emery stood framed in the doorway, still dressed in his cheerleading outfit. I opened my mouth to tell him to leave, but it felt so good seeing him in my office again that I couldn’t get the words out.

“You don’t look happy to see me,” he said.

How could I? My heart was warring with my head. At the ripe old age of forty four, I should have all this shit figured out. I had a wife. A daughter. A boy on the side wasn’t just a no-no. It was a fucking disaster.

Then why didn’t I tell him to leave?

“I’m not happy, Emery. Everything hurts. Seeing you hurts most of all.”

He closed the door behind him but didn’t move toward me. “Then make it stop, Abe. I don’t want to hurt like this anymore either.”

“It’s better to hurt this way now than to hurt much more later.”

“Why do we have to hurt at all?”

I shook my head. “Don’t you see? The way we started this, we’re bound to hurt everyone we love. I’ll only hurt you more in the long run. It doesn’t seem like it, but this is the best for you. If I can’t give you my everything, you shouldn’t settle for just a piece of me.”

“But don’t I have a right to make that decision for myself? About what I want?”

“I need to take Mandy home.”

“She left with a couple of the other girls. I told her I’d let you know.”


“She suspects nothing, Abe. I promise.”

I inhaled deeply, held it for a few seconds, then let the air out. “Can you try to see my side?”

“What side is that? You want me but won’t admit it?”

“I admit it. I want you. Not a day goes by that you’re not a constant thought in my mind. But what I want from you is too much for what I can offer you.”

“It’s enough.”

“Emery, come here.”

He vaulted in my arms in a second. Emery wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his face into my chest. I cupped the back of his head. It felt so good having him back in my arms. The temptation was great to hold on to him and not care about who I would hurt with my selfishness.

“Never doubt how much I want you and care for you.” I stroked his curls. “I want only the best for you, and I’m telling you, right now, the last thing you need is someone else to take from you without giving back. You need someone who’ll adore you.”

“I already feel that way when I’m with you. Just give us a chance to work this out.”

“I will if you can tell me honestly that me having a wife doesn’t bother you.”

He trembled against me, then sagged into me. I tightened my grip around him and kissed his hair. “I try not to let it,” he finally said.

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About the Author:

Gianni Holmes is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary MM romance. She’s a former teacher of Spanish Language and Latin American literature who resides in the Caribbean. Gianni has a love for superheroes, a fear of horror movies, and an obsession with old TV sitcoms.

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