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The Hot Shot
By C.N. Marie writing as Sophia Nixs


Coming December 1st

The North Avenue Live Guys Series, Book 1


I wanted to be the best; that was always the goal, and getting out from under my tyrant of a boss and setting up a business with my brother was the way I achieved that.
But, in order to maintain the advantage, I have to network. Unfortunately, these events are less than the social highlight I imagined them to be but, when I ditch the expected fiery redheaded woman for a night of passion with someone completely unexpected, sparks fly.
It’s a one-off, or that’s what I tell myself.
An indulgence I can’t be allowed if I want to succeed. And I do. I will.


I’m struggling. That’s how these things always start, right?
Things are hard and someone rushes in to my rescue and magically fixes every problem I’ve ever had with nothing more than a click of their fingers. Unfortunately, I live in the real world where you have to fix problems yourself, which is how I found myself signing a contract with one of the most renowned advertising companies in the area.
What I wasn’t expecting, was the man I had a one-night stand with to be my new manager, and it’s more than clear the rest of the world doesn’t know what I do about him.

There are more than hearts on the line in this whirlwind romance. Will Sebastian give in to his indulgence and fight for his man? Or will Walker’s dreams crumble alongside the love he thought he had?

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I watched as the mysterious man gave his details at the door and then they made their way into the room. The woman at his side immediately began to mingle with people around her as he stood still and rigid, his gaze beginning to circle around the room until it caught mine. Shit! Those green eyes were like poison—intoxicating and calling to me like a toxin that had entered my bloodstream—deadly and vicious. I glanced down to his plump lips and his tongue swiped out and caressed them. Fuck!

I quickly downed the drink in my hand, appreciating the smooth liquid before the burn hit the back of my throat. I placed the glass down—not too gently—onto the bar behind me and it was lucky the glass didn’t shatter within my grasp. I turned away, maneuvering my way through the crowds toward the balcony, desperate to take five minutes to calm myself. I needed air and now. It felt like the walls were closing in around me and I was trapped. He was like no other man I’d seen before. My mouth was dry, my skin was sweating more than usual and I could feel a fine layer of perspiration coating across my brow. I don’t know what it was but the man in that tight fitting penguin suit had my cock as hard as steel. He had me aching and ready to unload, unlike any of the other hookups I’d had been with before, all from one piercing look we’d shared. How was that possible?

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About the Author:

Sophia Nixs is a romance author from the United Kingdom that writes steamy contemporary MM romance.

Sophia is a romantic at heart, she adores everything to do with love. In her eyes, when someone finds loves that’s all that matters.

Sophia’s dream is to live in the countryside where she can write her stories from her book nook whilst looking out at the gorgeous scenery in peace and quiet.

Connect with Sophia:
Amazon Page | Goodreads | BookBub


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