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By Robert Winter

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Over the river and through the woods, to a vampire’s lair we go.…

Paul and Taviano approach their first Thanksgiving, happy together but wary. Paul frets he’ll one day die and leave Taviano alone, but the demon that shares Taviano’s body won’t even consider turning Paul into a vampire. On top of that, Paul is coming up on the third anniversary of the day his parents kicked him out for being gay. He’s planning a Friendsgiving to distract himself but, wouldn’t you know it, he gets kidnapped first by an unknown vampire.

Taviano frantically searches for his beloved human with the help of some unexpected allies: A newly-turned college student and a vampire doctor who works the graveyard shift at a hospital. Meanwhile, Paul is taunted by a creepy-ass vampire in a terrible track suit who hints he’s important to her mysterious plan. Oh, and the guy who kidnapped him in the first place? Spoiler alert: it’s Bronislav, the Russian vamp who turned Taviano over 170 years ago. What the hell is going on, and what is “the alchemist’s riddle” his captors keep nattering about?

The answer to those questions could change everything Paul and Taviano thought they knew about their love and their future together. Fated mates, a huge age gap (like, 150 years), ancient myths, a found family, a bit of gore — that’s what a holiday should be, right?

Fangsgiving is the second novella in the gay romance trilogy HOLIDAYS SUCK! that began with Vampire Claus. This book can stand alone but is better as part of the ongoing story of Paul and Taviano. It features a heartwarming, happy-for-now ending for a vampire, a young man with a surprising family tree, and the weirdest gathering for a Friendsgiving the world has ever seen.

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Exclusive from FANGSGIVING by Robert Winter

Why are Taviano and Paul’s holidays never easy? First Paul was murdered at Christmas (but got better), and now he’s been kidnapped by some creepy vampires with capital-p Plans for him. If Paul and Taviano are going to make it to their first Thanksgiving together, they’ll need the help of a found family of humans, demons and vampires. Fangsgiving is part 2 of the HOLIDAYS SUCK! trilogy that began with Vampire Claus. Fated mates, a huge age gap (like, 150 years), ancient myths, a bit of gore — that’s what a holiday should be, right?

In this exclusive excerpt, Taviano has just emerged from his lair at twilight. He’s surprised Paul isn’t there to greet him as always, and immediately feels unease coming from the demon that shares his body. Perhaps Paul’s angry at Taviano? They’ve been having a small but recurring issue about whether Paul should become a vampire, too.

From Fangsgiving by Robert Winter

The idea of sentencing Paul to his endless nights horrified Taviano, even as he dreamed about what it could be like, to spend years, decades, centuries and even millennia together. Yes, as Paul had said last night, unless he were turned, he would grow old and eventually die, leaving Taviano alone while Paul ascended to Heaven. Taviano wouldn’t even have the fantasy of one day meeting Paul again after his death, because he was surely doomed to Hell.

Fortunately for his guilt, he could truthfully answer that his demon was unwilling to make Paul a vampire. It was odd, though. Whenever Taviano tried to engage his demon on the subject, the refusal was swift, definitive and, sometimes, just a bit afraid. No matter how much he tried to probe, however, his demon gave him no explanation.

Nor did the demon give him a reason now for its unease. Unease that built into fear and then burst into panic as Taviano felt the presence of two vampires in his territory.

Eyes closed, he let his senses flow out, searching for the intruders. There! One was standing still, the other was moving toward it, very fast. He turned, rotating to face the vampires’ direction, and then nearly shouted in horror. Paul—oh Dio! No!—was also there, right next to the stationary vampire and in the path of the second one.

Panic became fury as Taviano tore up the stairs and out of the townhouse, running through the gloom-darkened streets of Boston so fast he might have been flying. All his senses were focused on the intruders. The moving one raced toward Paul at a speed that rivaled Taviano’s. With a growing sense of doom, he could hear Paul’s heartbeat, a sound he would know anywhere. Paul was calm, for some reason, even though he was right there with the first vampire.

The second was closing in. It would reach Paul before he did.

Taviano ran faster, his demon roaring soundlessly in his head. The unknown, racing vampire was nearly upon Paul. He heard his lover yell, “Tell Taviano!” and felt the intruder change course, carrying Paul away with him, his heartbeat ratcheted up in fear now.

Taviano matched the new course to run after them. Was the fiend trying to get out of his territory with Paul? As fast as the vampire was, Taviano was getting closer. He was narrowing the distance. He realized then that the vampire was heading toward the Charles River. Surely he could catch them at the water’s edge. Demon-speed propelled him forward. He was three blocks behind. Two. And then—

The other vampire disappeared from his senses, along with Paul.

Taviano stopped running abruptly, straining to hear, to feel. He had never encountered anything like that disappearance before. It was as if the vampire had stepped into a soundproofed room and slammed the door shut. Taviano couldn’t sense it anywhere. Nor could he hear Paul’s heartbeat any longer.

“Paul,” he whispered into the night, praying his lover could somehow hear him. “I’ll find you. Don’t worry, my love. I’m going to get you back!”

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About the Author

Robert Winter lives and writes in Provincetown. He is a recovering lawyer who prefers writing about hot men in love much more than drafting a legal brief. He left behind the (allegedly) glamorous world of an international law firm to sit in his home office and dream up ways to torment his characters until they realize they are perfect for each other.

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