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Seer Quest Covenant: Legend of the Ancients
By Deonne Dane

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The Books of Locurnia, Book 3

A fledgling seer. A cataclysmic vision. Can he convince the fated warrior to stand between their people and impending doom?

Meran Durante is on a knife’s edge. Tormented by the visions of Locurnia burning, and the horrific fate of Patrice, his beloved sister, Meran confronts the one man destined to stop the slaughter. Yet facing the fascinating, but ruthless, Leon Ricci, a perilous attraction sparking between them morphs to dangerous contention, bringing all Meran’s plans crashing down.

Fear laces Lord Marshal Leon Ricci’s rage. His rising interest for the handsome Durante withers at the youth’s blatant attempt to suborn him with knowledge no man should possess. Secrets that would leave his clan, and all he cares for, in jeopardy.

With time running short before Lord Ricci returns to his stronghold, Meran fears he’ll be unable to alter the magnetic man’s misconceptions before the future’s deadly events overwhelm them all.

Can Meran bring the implacable Ricci to heel or will his mistake force Leon to reject taking that first step on the quest destined to save their world?

Seer Quest Covenant is the action-packed first book in the LGBTQ Seer Quest Tetralogy: Legend of the Ancients, Books of Locurnia Fantasy series. If you like epic quests, fantasy laced with high heat romance, and clashing protagonists then you’ll love this magic-filled adventure.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Seer Quest

Grim-faced, Leon strode down the wide, covered terrace until he came to a halt before the final pale wooden door. It swung wide at his thunderous knocking to reveal a face made unfamiliar by tresses stained a dull-coloured witch-hazel. Cut short, the once glorious pale locks curled about Meran Durante’s ears and brushed at his collar.
Leon glared in silent astonishment. What had he done to himself?
The tension fled from Durante’s strained features as those stunning blue eyes alighted on him and flared with relief. “Welcome, Lord Marshal,” he said and stepped aside to usher him in.
Leon entered the bright room, surprised the young fellow wore nothing more than a silk robe. Despite himself, more than Leon’s curiosity stirred at the sight, and he abruptly turned to study the apartment. Extravagant furnishings met his gaze.
A bevy of young men surrounded a table laden with copious bottles of wine and platters of fruits, breads, cheeses, and cuts of cold meat. Others lounged on chairs covered with thick golden dusters. All eyes turned to him, and the chatter to silence as a wave of interest and judgement prickled over Leon’s skin.
One lad stood scowling thunderously, his look familiar. This one had been at the arena, and Leon could see a fire of resentment burning in his grey eyes… But not at him. They blazed at their host.
That fire turned molten as Durante dismissed the group. “Lads, I do apologise for the interruption, but as warned, my guest has arrived.”
“Best late than never.” Another fellow smirked as he picked up a platter. “Here, do you mind if we take a selection of the victuals?”
Durante nodded impatiently.
The gathering abandoned the room in the way of all young men. Loud and rambunctious, and filled with a verve for life that came from being a part of the Festival of Etta. Except for the familiar youth who trailed them. He glowered over at Leon before directing his words at his friend. “You should at least have one of us for a witness.”
Leon almost laughed at the lad’s attempt to stare him down, awaiting the inevitable suggestion of nominating himself for the position.
“Ellom!” Exasperation filled Durante’s tone. “What did I say?”
“That ‘the discussion is a private matter should the bastard ever show up,’” Ellom quoted with a baleful glare.
Irritation settled over Durante’s expression as he flung an arm about Ellom’s shoulders and walked him towards the open door, talking in a low, confidential tone. Just the right pitch of depth and masculinity, authoritative and yet with an appealing touch of youthful insecurity and exasperation to please Leon’s senses.
Ellom capitulated but not with good grace. Leon sensed his frustration and perversely flashed him an unrepentant smirk over Durante’s shoulder. Yet he knew without a doubt, should something untoward befall Meran Durante, this was the friend Leon would need to placate.
No easy task.
Leon knew well the look of obsessive jealousy; he had once seen it in his own looking glass. Such mistrust would be dangerous and unwavering. Ellom continued to scowl even as Durante shut the door in his face.
And that’s when Leon had him.

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About the Author:

Born in New Zealand, Deonne grew up on a diet of genie’s and witches and space adventure. Not vampires, not then anyway, they were too scary. Back in that day they definitely didn’t sparkle.

She spent hours scribbling her version of fanfic in exercise books, on lined refill and coloured notepaper. But then she discovered epic fantasy; Eddings, Kerr, Donaldson & Brooks and felt she had come home.

Later, as happens with most people, she let herself be diverted by the mundanity of adulthood; marriage, widowhood, remarriage, children, separation and even earthquakes, until she remembered the thing she was missing. Thus began her journey into the world of Locurnia.

With family in the queer community and her developing passion for all things MM she decided to marry these two loves together.



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