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Release Blitz & Excerpt:
The Loathed Omega
By K Worthy

The Loathed Omega Cover

The Omegas of Windsly, Book 1

Jackson Rockford is a walking cliché. He’s handsome and rich, with dark, brooding eyes and a jawline carved by the gods. As the beloved captain of Windsly Academy’s football team, every alpha wants to be him, and every omega wants to be with him.

Well, every omega except for me.

Since our first encounter, Jackson has haunted my days and stalked my nightmares. He says I repulse him and makes sure I pay for it. Every. Single. Day.

It’s too bad that our fathers don’t get the memo…

During our last spring break, I’m faced with an impossible choice. Marry Jackson or spend the rest of my life rotting away in a golden prison.

My fate is the same either way, so I hold my head high as I walk down the aisle as the loathed omega.

I brace myself for his revulsion. But when his hand touches mine, a fire ignites in our hearts, changing us forever.

I may belong to Jackson, but now he’s mine too.

And not everyone is happy about it.

The Loathed Omega is a non-shifter omegaverse romance and the first book in The Omegas of Windsly series. Each book can stand alone, but the stories and characters are connected and will be best enjoyed when read in order.

Buckle up for a high school bully romance featuring first times, hurt/comfort, true mates, found family, off-the-charts heat, and a HEA.

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The second my palm brushes against Eli’s, my primal instincts spiral out of control as my whole world is knocked off kilter. I feel an overwhelming urge to claim, to protect, to possess. I won’t rest until Eli belongs to me. Every path I’ve walked and the ones yet to come will lead to the omega in front of me. Nothing else matters except making him mine in every sense of the word.

I struggle to contain the raging beast inside me that demands I tear Eli away from these prying eyes and protect him from the evil these men can do. But, as I look at him, I can see that he, too, is caught in this spell. His icy blue eyes are hazed with lust, and a heated blush spreads over his pale skin.

I’m entranced as Eli’s plump lips part, his breaths coming far too quick. A look of pure ecstasy slides across his face, and his eyes flutter closed. He sways backwards, and for a heart-stopping moment, I think he might faint.

Without a second thought, I pull him towards me and wrap my arms around his delicate waist. My inner beast roars as I hold him close, preening that our mate succumbs to us so perfectly.

Eli settles his arms around my shoulders, and it feels like my entire purpose in life clicks into place. It’s a feeling of completeness I’ve never felt before, and I know that from this moment on, my life will revolve around him. I will do everything in my power to protect him.

Finally, I can no longer resist the temptation to claim Eli, to taste the man created just for me. I lean in and gently brush my lips against his neck, sending a scorching heat soaring straight to my cock. I can’t help the growl that escapes me, tearing itself from the depths of my soul.

I crave more, yearning to sink my teeth into his unblemished skin and leave a mark for all the world to see, for everyone to know he is mine.

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About the Author:

K Worthy is a British author. She lives with her husband, a toddler, and a menagerie of demanding fur babies.
Like most bibliophiles, she uses books to live a thousand loves and take a break from pretending to be a responsible adult.

Essential information
❤️ Easily bribed with lattes
❤️ Banned from drinking margaritas after midnight
❤️ Number of MM romance books read in 2022: 322…

Contact K:


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