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Teacher of the Year
By M.A. Wardell

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Love: Not as easy as ABC.

They were supposed to keep things casual. Who’d expect they’d be schooled in love?

Those who can, teach. Marvin Block is one of the best kindergarten teachers out there. And despite his anxiety, Marvin’s life is sweet. He knows what he wants. And what he wants is the Teacher of the Year Award. Not just for himself – his school needs him to win.

Returning from break, the New Year finds Marvin all set to welcome a new pupil to his class. But when Illona walks in with her cute-as-hell single dad beside her, Marvin’s focus starts to slide.

Sure, his students always come first, but he deserves to have a life outside the classroom, too, right?

As their friendship starts to deepen, Marvin realizes Olan has the potential to teach him things about love he never thought possible. But with the Teacher of the Year award and his school’s future on the line, now’s not the time for anything complicated.

Education has always been Marvin’s world. And he needs to keep a cool head if he wants to win the award and save his school. But will it be worth it if he loses Olan in the process?

With Olan’s past and Marvin’s present colliding, their experiment in love hangs in the balance. Marvin knows what he wants out of life. But now he’s forced to consider what he wants out of love.

Will Marvin chalk the relationship up to experience? Or can they revise their story into a textbook romance?

Teacher of the Year is a steamy open door friends-to-lovers gay romance novel that explores the balance between friends, family, career, and relationships while overcoming trauma and dealing with anxiety.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Teacher of the Year

We enter the path, snow packed down by walkers. The trees provide a blanket of privacy, but Olan still hasn’t truly spoken, and the quietness is killing me, so I hurry to fill the empty air.

“Listen, I’m sorry about the kissing. I was out of line. Way out of line. You’re a parent, and you’ve just moved, and I shouldn’t have let it go that far. It seemed like we were becoming friends, and I like you. As a friend, I mean. I like you as a friend. The last thing I want is to ruin any chance of that continuing. Please, I hope you can forgive me because…”

Interrupting my rambling, he grabs my shoulders and pushes me up against a thick tree. Our lips collide, and the rough bark rubs my back through my coat. Caught between Olan and the tree, both solid and real, I feel enveloped. The familiarity from the other night reminds me of remembering how to ride a bicycle – easy, natural, and uninhibited. The freezing air no match for the warmth of his face on mine. He starts slowly but quickly intensifies, and his tongue dances into my mouth, exploring, tangling with mine, the nuttiness of the walnuts adding some unusual texture, but he clearly doesn’t mind. My tongue enters his mouth and lands right on the small space between his two front teeth, and I’m suddenly overtaken with heat. Ablaze with passion, my tongue grazes the gap and slides back and forth over it. His arms wrap around me entirely, and this must be what heaven feels like because I’d be very content to stand here in the freezing cold, kissing this man forever.

But he pulls away.

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About the Author:

I write steamy queer rom-coms.

My goal is to tell adult gay love stories with a diverse representation of flawed and damaged characters who find healing through love.

I love rom-coms and have always wished there was better representation, so I’m writing the stories I wish existed. The gay men in my stories are flawed and messy. Helping them find their HEA is my passion.

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