Melody (Men of Hidden Creek, Season 3, Book 5) by Blake Roland

“You’re stronger than you think.”

Zach Calton was left heartbroken by his ex-fiancé. While he dreads spending Christmas single, he’s hesitant to try dating again. Until his friends set him up on a blind date with a sexy high school teacher.

Shane Howard has just come out as bisexual. Orphaned at a young age, he has no family to support him—just his students. When the school board refuses to let a queer couple attend the Winter Formal, he enlists Zach’s help. Desire develops into love as Shane realizes that Zach makes his heart sing in ways he’s never known.

Together they work to rally the town and make a stand. In the process Shane becomes determined to teach Zach how to love and laugh, but Zach struggles to believe that Christmas wishes can come true. Can Zach learn to trust his heart again?

Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart knows what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains 80s love ballads, cheesy pick-up lines, and a romantic walk under a million Christmas lights.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars 
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5

A heartwarming story about standing up for what’s right and finding the love you deserve along the way!

I loved this story! Its so sweet, yet powerful and brings about a message of strength and that it’s ok to stand up for what is right. It took the strength of one teacher to help a group of bullied, misgendered, LGBTQ kids fight for their rights and help change a town along the way.

This story was very touching and while it is a romance I felt that Blake balanced the romance well with the core issue of LGBTQ youth rights. I found agender Jesse and lesbian Millie very powerful secondary characters and was rooting for them throughout this story. Parts of their story also saddened me to think that this could very well be a true story. Just because someone is different doesn’t make them lesser. We need to cherish the next generation and lead by example. 

All in all this was a great story with wonderful characters and a wonderfully cheesy HEA!

Extra Note: This story also had elements of emotional abuse within a relationship. I urge people to note this (perhaps before reading), and know that emotional and verbal abuse is still abuse and to seek help within your local community, country or online if every you are abused. 
Here are some links for online support in 
USA and Australia

Thanks for reading 📚!

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