Milestone (Men of Hidden Creek, Season 3, Book 3) by J Hayden Bailey

“My life didn’t start until I met you”

Ex-Marine Mason O’Neil is struggling to keep his auto shop open for business. Something has to change, or he’ll be closing shop by New Years. At least when a stray cat adopts him, he doesn’t feel so lonely as the holiday season begins.

Rhys Meadows is driving his beloved late-grandpa’s classic car across states, when he finds himself stranded in a small town called Hidden Creek. Now he’s finished college he’s homeward bound, destined to support his family opening up their second hardware store. But when he makes an unlikely friend, his passion for flowers is allowed to bloom.

Rhys and Mason are nothing alike, but when Mason offers Rhys his couch to stay on, he accidentally finds himself offering his heart too. Kindness blossoms into friendship. Will it develop further before Rhys has to leave Hidden Creek forever?

This book contains techno-baffled kooky parents, a wayward kitty, and a beefy mechanic with a heart of gold.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars 
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

A heartwarming gay for you story about self discover and finding your person!

This was the first book in the Men of Hidden Creek Series that I read and I loved it. This story is also a debut for story for J Hayden Bailey. 

The story line for this book drew me in. I’m a sucker for a Ex-Marine and one with a heart of gold is a win for me! This story is a touching gay first time/gay for you story and I loved the interactions and eventual coming together of Mason and Rhys.

I liked how J Hayden Bailey approached the personalities of Mason and Rhys. They are both so different but each have similarities and many things in common. They were both felt lost, alone and like they didn’t belong anywhere until they found each other.

Mason is such a kind and generous man introduced as an LGBTQ ally and does what he can to help the people of Hidden Creek while trying to keep his new mechanic shop afloat. He ‘saves’ Rhys when is vintage red Impala breaks down and is drawn to him for reasons he doesn’t yet understand. The author does so well in getting the varying and occasionally complex emotions across and while there’s a lot of miscommunication and a bit of will they or won’t they at play it is never too drawn out. Add in some passion, laughter, a violent ex-employee, a vivacious teen and a cute cat named Socket and you have an awesome story with a wonderful HEA.  

This is a story of finding your person; the person who inspires you, makes you better, protects you and loves you for who you are. A wonderful read set over Christmas and has given me a great taste of Hidden Creek and I look forward to reading more about the Men of Hidden Creek and will be watching author J Hayden Bailey as I can see many more great stories to come. 

Extra note: I love Lily she’s a great secondary character and adds a little bit of spunk to the story. 

Thanks for reading 📚!

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