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Surviving the Shadows
The Bearer of Truth – Book 2
Miranda Turner

Genre: Gay Urban Fantasy
Release Date: June 14thSurviving the Shadows Cover

Cover Design: Lou Harper


Gabriel has been gone longer than predicted, and Evander is growing increasingly worried each day that passes without his return. Confounded by their leaders’ lack of answers, Evander and the team begin to fear the worst.

In the midst of fruitlessly searching Miami for clues to the Daemon Abaddon’s whereabouts, Evander begins to have disturbingly vivid dreams. With a little help from a newly-returned and empty-handed Michael and Barabbas, Evander discovers Gabriel has been calling out for help across their nascent bond. With a little backup from an unlikely source, they set off to rescue Gabriel from the depths of the Underworld.

Gabriel is old friends with torture, and his captors haven’t been gentle. Despite growing weaker every day, Gabriel resolves to survive long enough for rescue, or to die fighting, until a Dark Seer begins to dredge up the terror of Gabriel’s horrific childhood, threatening to destroy his mind and soul. Nearing the end, Gabriel manages a last-ditch effort to contact help, reaching out to Evander in his dreams.

Against all odds, Evander and the team fight through the Underworld to reach Gabriel and come face to face with mortality. Sacrifices made for the bonds of brotherhood nearly break them, and Gabriel learns the hard way that embracing the darkness while fighting for the light may be the only way to survive.

From the underbelly of Reno to the glitz and glam of Vegas, Gabriel, Evander, and the men they call family will be tested, and the final confrontation with Gabriel’s maker may be the end of everything they hold dear.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥 Heat Level: 2 (definitely chemistry and feelings but due to what the characters go through not really part of this story)

So many emotions!!!!

This story is epic, emotional, powerful and heartwarming. I love Evander and Gabriel!!!

So much happens in this story I’m not sure my words can do it justice! Gabriel goes through so much in this story; emotionally, physically and relationship wise.  I loved book 1 and book 2 does not disappoint, I couldn’t put it down.

Possible themes and/or triggers: abduction, captivity, torture, PTSD, child abuse, grief, sexual assault, abuse of power among others.

There are so many things that happen it’s hard to write a review without spoilers, so be warned…



The journey to save/free Gabriel from the underworld is intense and totally heartbreaking! Someone significant sacrifices themselves for Gabriel and it broke my heart! I was totally waiting for/expecting a loophole that brought them back but alas, their destiny was written (I’m not crying, you’re crying). The grieving the whole team endues was hard but very well done by Miranda. I could feel for each character and their unique process through their grief. I especially felt for Rafe.

I love Evander’s character development and love that he is slowly changing, broadening his mind and opening himself up to Gabriel. It’s wonderful to see their chemistry and even their fledgling relationship get stronger. I like that Evander’s progress is slow, its a lot more realistic and I feel fits the story perfectly.

I love that we get to visit past characters; Antonio and Bain and I love new magic user and Aura Reader, Nico. He’s the perfect combination of wit, sass, and power! I loved his introduction and how he was eventually brought into the team/family!!

The showdown with Gabriel’s sperm donor is explosive, literally and figuratively!! A fantastic development for the series and I can’t wait to see where Miranda will take us next!!

Amazing writing, face-paced, action adventure, and so much heart, I just love all these characters. I can’t wait to see how powerful Gabriel is and how his relationship with Evander will grow! 5 stars from me!!!

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“His aura has indicators that he practices or has practiced dark magic, but his underlying nature is fighting against it. Right now, his aura resembles an ouroboros.”

“A what?” Delsin asked.

“It’s a circle made out of a snake that is consuming itself. It’s supposed to symbolize wholeness or infinity, but in this case, our young magical friend over there is in trouble. If his magic continues to consume itself, there won’t be a renewal of life but a loss of something good and right as his magic perverts into something dark and unrecognizable.”

A visible shiver moved down Delsin’s body, causing him to wrap his arms around himself; clearly he’d been shaken by Nico’s words. “Can we help him?” Gabriel asked Nico.

Nico sighed. “Your savior complex is raising its ugly head again.” Delsin snorted, but Gabriel just stared Nico down. “Aren’t we supposed to be looking for your dad?” Gabriel stayed silent and lifted one eyebrow. “Ugh…fine, geez.” Nico stomped toward the teenage magic user with Gabriel and Delsin following close behind him, Gabriel’s face breaking out in a shit-eating grin.

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Miranda Turner is a single mom of eight living outside a small, hippie town in the middle of Ohio. She’s surrounded by children, chickens, and one temperamental editor kitty who is silently judging her on a daily basis. She is a voracious reader and an editor who decided she had different stories to tell. She firmly believes a happily ever after is there for everyone, but she likes to make her characters earn it.


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