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Christian (Beckford Brother, Book 3)
By Candice Blake

He was the boy next door and now he’s my Boy.

I’ve run away from things my whole life. After living overseas for the past ten years to run away from my problems, I finally decided to come home. As the CEO of my own multi-million-dollar company, I don’t have time to date and I don’t do feelings either. But when I reconnect with Gage, the boy who once lived across the street from me, he stirs up a whole lot of feelings in me that I’d rather not deal with. Gage makes me reconsider everything I thought I knew about myself–including my sexuality. What happens when he starts calling me Daddy and wants me to commit? Will I run away from the uncomfortable feelings or will I finally stay for good?

Gage: Everything changed when I called him Daddy.

When I decide to move back home after finishing college, I didn’t expect to cross paths with Christian, someone I hadn’t seen in over a decade. Christian made me realize I was gay when I was thirteen and the feelings I had for him as a teenager are still there and stronger than ever. The thing is, Christian is so much older and more experienced than me while I’m still a virgin. He’s out of my league and I’m afraid to let myself fall for someone so powerful and successful. Will I build up enough confidence to go for the man of my dreams?

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🌟🌟🌟 3.75 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3+

Great characters…

But something seemed to be missing and I wanted/needed more, depth and dynamics perhaps.

I loved the Beckford Brothers, their partners, and Gage were all great characters. This story had a great foundation and I really liked the depth to the characters as the story progressed but there was no angst, build-up or reasoning for Gage to call Christian “Daddy” right off the bat. It’s like there was a step missing to ease into this encounter and it just happened so abruptly, I didn’t feel like it was well integrated within the story’s flow. The foundations were there and the whole Beckford family seems wonderful but something was just missing.

I liked the introduction of all the characters and loved that Gage was able to finally get his crush but I didn’t like Christian’s insistence that he “was NOT gay” even when he was attracted to Gage. I was hoping for a more bi awakening but I felt like there was too much focus put on labels rather than feelings.

The characters were great and I am interested to read about the other brothers but this story just fell a little bit short for me. (Super hot cover though)

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