#Royal (Fever Falls, Book 4)
By Devon McCormack
Narrated by Michael Pauley

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Listening Length: 8 hours and 56 minutes.


Sightseeing, gay bars…and if I’m lucky, maybe a couple of random hookups. That’s the extent of my plans when I sign up for a European vacay with my buddies. I’ve never heard of this Parlaisa country – but hey – a cheap flight and two-star hotel are perfect for a poor college kid, right? And the trip turns out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined when I end up in a bar with some sexy masked guy’s tongue down my throat.

And damn…what a tongue.

Even with his face partially obscured, Sexy Masked Guy can’t hide those hypnotic steel blue eyes, his chiseled jawline, or the gun show he’s working with under that tight T-shirt. But after our kiss, he proves to be nothing more than a cocky, dismissive a-hole. As if that isn’t bad enough, flash forward – after one hell of a misunderstanding, I’m arrested by the Parlaisan royal guard and taken to a dungeon, where I learn that Sexy Masked Guy is actually Sexy Prince.

Prince Owen Hawthorne III.

Yes, I was kissing the Prince of Parlaisa!

Even worse, pics of us kissing are posted on the notorious Prince Watch blog. Prince Owen III has been unmasked by the paps, and we’ve both been outed. And here I had been planning to finally tell my family about my inclinations towards rainbows, glitter, and c–k as soon as I got back home to Fever Falls.

Seems like my vacation can’t get any wackier, but now, Prince Owen needs a favor – a fake relationship favor. All I have to do is pretend to be his boyfriend for a good cause and some cash that I could really use right about now. But do I really want to team up with a guy who’s been nothing but a prick to me in the short time that I’ve known him?

Of course, before I know it, I’m in too deep. Fortunately, Owen’s strict “no messing around” rule will keep this from getting out of control.

Even though I can’t stop thinking about how he knew exactly what he was doing with his tongue.

Even though he loves watching me prance around in my underwear.

Even though he can’t get enough of me on my knees, doing what I do best.

Dammit – did we already screw this up?

Talk about a #RoyalProblem.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4
🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 5

A cute Royal romance!

I really enjoyed this Royal adventure. From Fake boyfriends to more I loved the progress and salacious details! I found Keegan endearing, innocent but more mature than his age. He had more in common with the Prince than he expected and I liked their innocent misunderstandings and progression to more! Their connection sends sparks flying and even though they had a 13 year age gap it rarely felt like it was there.

While I don’t feel any of the Royal elements are particularly real or even close to reality, it was a wonderful escape into a royal fantasy where there’s a prince to sweep you off your feet.

I found Keegan endearing and loved how he got Owen to open up and how they were always equal even with their unique social standings. Owen was able to embrace a side of himself he kept trying to ignore and I loved the history of the Queen of Parliasia. All in all, I found this a very enjoyable bit of escapism and really want to learn more about Fever Falls and it’s other colorful characters!!

As always Michael is an exceptional narrator and I loved his English accent!!

Thanks for reading! For great stories, reviews and more please visit https://bookstattoosandtea.wordpress.com 📚

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