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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Bet On Love by A. F. Zoelle

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I went to Las Vegas to marry my fiancée but ended up married to my best man instead. Considering I’m straight, I never imagined I would wake up in bed with a husband. We obviously need to get an annulment to undo our mistake. The only problem is, it turns out my feelings for my best friend Luci aren’t quite as platonic as I thought.

What are the odds that my bad idea ends up being the best thing to ever happen to us?


After Rhys and I secretly shared our first kiss as teenagers, I spent years suppressing my confusing feelings for him. But now that he’s my husband, it exposes the truth about the depths of my love for my best friend.

Could I really be lucky enough that he feels the same way about me?

Bet on Love is the first book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novella features a friends to lovers second chance romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea

 Chapter 3: Lucien “Luci” St. Amour

We fell silent as we realized the enormity of our situation. I closed my eyes, trying to remember the previous night. We had been joking about Rhys getting married in one of those quickie marriage chapels, laughing as we drank and looked online at the craziest ones in Vegas. It had seemed like a hilarious idea at the time when he suggested we go check it out in person.

The walk over sobered us up as Rhys confessed that he was only marrying Olivia because it was what he felt like he should do after being with her for so long. It intensified my selfish hope he would call off the wedding, that maybe I wouldn’t lose him to her. Thus, when he announced to the chapel receptionist that we were there to get married, I had played along out of curiosity.

Left alone to fill out our paperwork, I had asked him how far he was planning on taking the joke. I never expected to hear him say, “If I’m spending the rest of my life with only one person, I want it to be you, Luci. Marry me.”

The word “no” hadn’t even crossed my mind.

After filling out applications, they drove us to the Marriage License Bureau. Just like we had talked about at the hotel, Rhys sauntered down the aisle to an Elvis impersonator singing “Burning Love.” It had seemed like a funny joke, but the magnitude of the moment had hit me as we exchanged rings. Our first kiss as husbands awoke something within me that had been slumbering since that night when we were awkward teenagers experimenting with each other.

After that, it was like a dam had burst inside us both. We made out in the limo, making up for all the years we hadn’t kissed. I recalled celebrating with champagne in our room, giving us the boldness to strip each other in between nervous laughs, but we ended up losing our nerve in the face of being drunk off our asses. There was a conflicting sense of relief and disappointment that we hadn’t been intimate with each other. That’s when the reality hit me all over again that holy shit, we’re legally husbands.

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About A. F.:
A lifelong storyteller, writing has always been A.F. Zoelle’s greatest passion. When she’s not writing about gorgeous men being sexy and in love, she enjoys procrastinating on her studies and numerous side hustles to indulge in Japanese musical theatre. She looks forward to renouncing her nomadic scholarly life someday soon so she can have Ragdoll cats to come home to instead of just dust bunnies.
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