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Change of Course by Sierra Hill

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Change of Hearts, Book Three

Falling for the professor wasn’t part of my plan…

From the moment the man walked into the bar, I knew he was still in the closet. But that didn’t stop us from sharing an incredible night together.

Our easy, one-night hookup went from no-strings-attached to a tangled mess on the first day of the semester, when I locked eyes with the mystery man from the bar… who also happens to be my new Art History professor.

Lucas Mathiasson is everywhere I turn and the harder we try to resist, the closer we’re pulled together. Until our weekend in Vegas. Then all bets – and rules – are off.

But lessons in love can’t be taught from a syllabus. They have to be experienced.

And not all love is easy. Not all rules are meant to be broken. And not all men are created to live life in the open.

Falling for my professor wasn’t part of the plan… but how do you let go of the man who taught you how to love?

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Special Exclusive Excerpt from Change of Course by Sierra Hill

©2021 Sierra Hill My life up to this point – although through brief periods of college – has all been strict rules and heavy traditions. Expectations that have weighed on me and shaped me into the man I am. With Kyler, there is levity. He can make me laugh and smile with his infectious laugh. He pulls me out of my shell with his crazy antics and stories. We can sit and talk for hours upon hours about everything and nothing. And when he falls asleep with his head in the crook of my arms, his soft face against my chest, something inside of me cracks wide open. I want to give him everything. To drive him crazy with desire and extract words and sounds from his lips that have never been heard by another. I want him to be mine. “Why are you staring at me like a weirdo?” he questions, his eyebrows threaded together, face contorted. I stalk toward the bench, cocking my head one side to the other. “Because I’m trying to decide how I’m going to fuck you tonight. Maybe I should tease you mercilessly for hours. Lick you and finger your ass until you can’t breathe.” His answer is breathy. “Yes. That.” I circle the bench, his eyes following me, my fingers lightly feathering over the soft canvas of his back, until they land on the curve of his ass. Kyler grinds into the bench wantonly, reaching behind and spreading his ass cheeks. My cock throbs in my shorts at the torment of seeing and not touching. I tower over him at the bench and then straddle his bare ass, my cock wedging into the crease as we both moan in unison. “You seem to forget who’s in charge here, Art Boy.” A loud smack echoes in the room as my hand lands hard on his ass. Kyler jerks forward and moans wantonly. Soothing the spot on the rounded flesh, I lay my palm on his ass cheek and circle his smooth bottom, wanting to feel every inch of his skin. His voice is a husky whisper. “You are, daddy.”

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About the Author:

Sierra Hill is a bestselling and 2020 RONE Award-Winning author of Game Changer, as well as over 30 novels, including the award-winning college sports series, Courting Love, and the twice award-finalist erotic ménage serial, Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio.

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