A Husband for Hartwell

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A Husband for Hartwell
By JA Rock and Lisa Henry


The Lords of Bucknall, Book 1

He must marry, or risk his fortune.

The whole of London Society has long assumed Lord William Hartwell will marry his childhood best friend, Lady Rebecca Warrington. After two Seasons, Hartwell remains quite content with bachelorhood–his parents do not. When Hartwell learns they intend to cut his purse strings unless he makes a match this Season, he resigns himself to a marriage of convenience with Becca, and yet he can’t help but be drawn to her younger brother, Warry.

He must marry, or risk his sister’s ruin.

The Viscount “Warry” Warrington is used to being viewed as the tagalong little brother. Now a grown man about to enter his second Season, Warry is desperate to be seen. When Lord Balfour, a handsome older peer, takes Warry under his wing, Warry thinks his dream is finally coming true. Until Balfour reveals his true intent–to make public a letter that will destroy Becca’s reputation, unless Warry agrees to marry him.

Time is running out for both of them.

When an injury forces Warry to recover at Hartwell House, the two succumb to a secret flirtation. But Warry’s sudden announcement of his engagement to Balfour drives Hartwell near mad with jealousy–and right into Becca’s arms. With the clock ticking for Warry to save his sister, will Hartwell discover the truth of Warry’s feelings before it’s too late?

A Husband for Hartwell is the first book in the Lords of Bucknall Club series, where the Regency meets m/m romance.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“You look as if you’ve a plot to murder the paper hangings.”

The voice was Gale’s, and Hartwell turned to face his friend.

Gale’s countenance was weary as ever as he continued. “Please don’t. I have enough on my plate without another dastardly deed the ton will wish me to provide motive for.”

“This is awful,” Hartwell growled. He gestured angrily to the great assembly room, decorated all in gauzy white so pristine one feared to retrieve a glass of punch, lest one spill it on some snowy drape or rug. “This place looks as though the cherubim were sick all over it. What is the meaning of this decoration?”

“Well, according to the invitation, the theme is last days of winter. I don’t believe it was chosen with the express purpose of offending you, though I’m certain that is a bonus to the Marchlands, considering how you neglected to dance with their eldest daughter even once last Season.”

Hartwell sighed.

“Could it be,” Gale wondered aloud, “that it is not the decor which offends you but rather watching the Warrington boy nestled cosily in an alcove with that pompous, animate wax statue?”

Hartwell did not even wish to look where he knew Gale was looking. He had glanced in that direction too many times this evening already. Across the room was indeed a little alcove, its curved walls decorated with enough white wreaths to resemble a loosely disguised ritual for summoning Beelzebub. A white brocade settee had been placed with its back to a broad, arched window. On that settee, Balfour and Warry had been engaged in conversation for some half an hour.

About what, Hartwell could not imagine. The only topics he had ever heard Balfour speak on were creatures he had killed hunting, sherries he possessed that were finer than all other sherries, horses he sought to purchase but never would because their fetlocks were all dysfunctional, and the shortcomings of other members of the ton.

But perhaps to someone as dull as Warry, these topics were of interest.

“I care not what he does,” Hartwell said. “I am offended only by the number of wreaths.”

“Well,” Gale said. “I am in theory here escorting my sister—”

“Clarissa?” Hartwell inquired, seeking any change in topic.

“No, I believe it is one of the others. Mary, perhaps?”

“You do not have a sister Mary.”

“It is so difficult to keep track. Do I have an Annabelle?”

“You have an Anne-Marie.”

“That must be who I am thinking of. Yes, well, she has made a new friend, and they appear to be hitting it off quite nicely and are currently under the watchful eye of the friend’s mama. I do believe I could get away with a few turns about the garden, should you require…air.”

Hartwell shook his head slowly. “I shall stay here. I must ask Rebecca to dance.”

“Ah, yes of course.” Gale sounded highly ironic, which irritated Hartwell further. “Is a date set to announce the engagement?”

“My parents are only just returned to Town. I thought I would give them another day or two of believing I am hopeless before showing what a good and worthy son I am and announcing my intention to marry.”

Gale studied him with what seemed like mild curiosity and complete disinterest both at once. “From your tone, it sounds as though it will be a joyous occasion indeed.” He gazed across the room yet again. “I do not know which of you looks more as though he has just been told he will be stoned to death at first light—you or young Warrington.”

Despite himself, Hartwell aimed another glance in that direction—just as Warry tipped his head back and laughed at something Balfour had said. “He’s laughing,” he told Gale, his jaw clenched.

“Mmm. So convincingly,” Gale murmured, still watching the scene in the alcove.

Hartwell was in no mood for whatever Gale thought he knew about the whole of humanity. “If I can, I will find you later. Right now, I wish to get punch.” He stalked off toward the punch bowl, aware that he had until quite recently fancied himself above such childish storming and muttering. He had only just convinced himself not to dash his newly poured glass of punch across the infuriating whiteness of the nearest wall when he saw Balfour lead Warry to the dance floor.

This was too much. He knocked the entire glass of punch back in one gulp.

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About the Authors:

JA Rock Logo

About JA Rock:

J.A. Rock is the author of over twenty LGBTQ romance, suspense, and horror novels, as well as an occasional contributor to HuffPo Queer Voices. J.A.’s books have received Lambda Literary, INDIEFAB, and EPIC Award nominations, and The Subs Club received the 2016 National Leather Association-International Novel Award. 24/7 was named one of the best books of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews. J.A. lives in Chicago with an extremely judgmental dog, Professor Anne Studebaker.


Lisa Henry logo

About Lisa:

Lisa likes to tell stories, mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters.

Lisa lives in tropical North Queensland, Australia. She doesn’t know why, because she hates the heat, but she suspects she’s too lazy to move. She spends half her time slaving away as a government minion, and the other half plotting her escape.

She attended university at sixteen, not because she was a child prodigy or anything, but because of a mix-up between international school systems early in life. She studied History and English, neither of them very thoroughly.

She shares her house with too many cats, a dog, a green tree frog that swims in the toilet, and as many possums as can break in every night. This is not how she imagined life as a grown-up.

Lisa has been published since 2012, and was a LAMBDA finalist for her quirky, awkward coming-of-age romance Adulting 101, and a Rainbow Awards finalist for 2019’s Anhaga.

To connect with Lisa on social media, you can find her here:


She also has a Facebook group where you’ll be kept in the loop with updates on releases, have a chance to win prizes, and probably see lots of lots of pictures of her dog and cats. You can find it here: Lisa Henry’s Hangout.


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