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The Beta’s Vampire
By Beth Laycock

Beta-s-Vampire Cover

Penhul Pack, Book 2

Beta of the Penhul pack with a vampire? Over his dead body.

Lucian is bored. After a century of being a vampire nothing surprises him anymore. Life, such as his can be called one, has become predictable. Humans are predictable. Add in the fact he’d rather not feed from them, and a visit with a witch friend of his clan is a welcome distraction. But when he meets Benedict it’s anything but predictable, especially when he stumbles across the man transforming into a dog before his eyes. And never in an eternity did he think he would find himself wanting to drink the mutt’s blood.

As beta of the Penhul pack, Benedict knows pack comes first, like having to spend weeks away in the Lake District on pack business. But the last thing Benedict expects to find when he returns is his brother having found his fated mate, or worse, a vampire feeding from his witch. His homecoming definitely won’t go down as his finest moment, and he’s certainly not prepared for his reaction to the bloodsucker.

Can Benedict see past their differences and put aside his prejudices of vampires? Or will his choice of mate cost him his pack?

This MM romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, fated mates, a vampire with an aversion to feeding on humans, a sexy man that can shift into an adorable dog, and of course a HEA. The Beta’s Vampire is the second book in the Penhul pack series and should be read in order.

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Exclusive Excerpt

 “Come on, mutt. Let’s have a little fun. Do you think you can keep up with me?”

He darted off again and I wasn’t sure I could, but the idea of trying made my mouth dry from the adrenaline rush. My inner dog yipped, letting me know he was more than up for the challenge.

With little thought for my clothes, I shifted. At the sound of tearing cotton, the last thought I had was that I would regret that later, but then my paws landed on the soft earth beneath the trees and I could hear the light brush of Lucian’s feet over the leaves up ahead. I bounded after him, trying to catch up.

I heard his laugh from behind me and I slid to a stop. I wagged my tail at the thrill of the chase and looked over my shoulder to see him leaning against a tree trunk. Oh, he thought this was going to be easy, did he? My tongue lolled out as I grinned and stalked towards him.

His pale blue eyes met mine and I paused as we sized each other up. I leant back, preparing to launch myself at him, but in the time it took me to blink, he was gone. A dark blur of colour that shot into the air and vanished.

He laughed, and I flipped around to find him crouched about a metre ahead of me. Frustration got the better of me, and I let loose a growl and pounced at him. Only to land in the empty space he’d left behind.

I scratched at the earth with one paw, not used to being outpaced. As beta of the pack, the one familiar who was faster, stronger, smarter than me, was Drake. But Lucian was easily running circles around me and I wasn’t sure if I hated that or actually kind of liked that he was more than a match for me.

He landed without a sound on the soft ground ahead and just out of my reach again. I stepped forward and he took one backwards, keeping the space between us the same. Another step and I lowered my head, my gaze trained on my prey.

Lucian smirked and matched me stride for stride until I ran at him. But he twirled and sprinted off. I gave chase, pushing my muscles hard trying to gain ground on him. When I was within a hair’s breadth, I lunged, snapping my jaw around where his shin was. Except my teeth gnashed together on thin air as he leapt to the side as though he was on springs.

And I didn’t want to be, but I was kind of in awe at the way he moved—so graceful yet every movement filled with power. Because he’s a hunter too.

I shook my head at the stray thought. It was just me and Lucian having some fun. That didn’t mean I wanted to lose at this little game of cat and mouse, though. I dropped to my belly and let my front paw quiver at an odd angle in front of me. Lucian noticed I was no longer chasing him and flew into the air landing right in front of me in a crouch.

His forehead was creased, eyebrows drawn together. “Benedict? Are you okay?”

I felt a little bad for all of two seconds because all was fair in love and war, right? And this was definitely war. His gaze was trained on my front paw as I got my hind legs beneath me.

“Did you hurt yourself?”

A pang of guilt flared but then I jumped, tackling him to the ground and pinning him beneath me with the full weight of my body.


I’d been waiting for the triumph to hit me but instead he gazed up at me as I stared down at him. His pale skin glowed in a patch of sunlight that hit his cheek and made his eyes look paler than ice. His lips were blood red in stark contrast, and a smirk curled their edges.

I swiped my tongue down one side of my muzzle, then up the other and Lucian mirrored the move across his own mouth. When he parted his lips, I could see a hint of fang and I lowered my head.

With a deep inhale that smelt of the damp earth and hints of vanilla, I got lost in the moment. That was the only explanation for why I swiped my tongue across his face from jaw to temple, savouring Lucian. He tasted of candy, like home but mixed with the slightest hint of me. Was that because he’d drunk my blood?

I didn’t know how I expected Lucian to react but his giggle made me want to do it again. Before I could, Lucian pushed against my chest and I rolled to the side with a thump of my tail.


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Beth Laycock

About the Author:

Beth Laycock’s books are influenced by her time living overseas as well as the gritty, urban landscape of the north of England where she grew up. She has been reading romance since she was old enough to tell herself that line every book lover does—just one more chapter.

As a teenager, she attempted to write her first novel, and many more since then are still gathering dust on her bookshelf. It wasn’t until she discovered the M/M genre that her muse showed up and refused to quit telling her stories about beautiful men finding love together. She hasn’t stopped scribbling them down since.

Beth’s muse usually shows up when she is in the shower, is allergic to cleaning, rarely lets her watch TV, and insists she drinks copious amounts of coffee so she can turn caffeine into words.

Beth’s books range from sweet to sexy, long to short, contemporary to paranormal, but a HEA is always guaranteed.

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