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The Perfect Pass
By R.M Neill

The Perfect Pass FINAL (1)

The Nickel City Bandits, Book 2

Can I find the perfect love with my best friend?

Austin Maloney
Playing professional hockey has always been my goal. I need it to provide a better life for my brother. I didn’t expect my best friend to block my shot at going pro, or be the person to captain my heart. How can I juggle love and family without losing sight of my dream job?

Logan Larkman
Playing hockey as a career was never my end game. It was a way to pass time until I could pursue my philanthropic dreams. Dreams that include my best friend. I need him to realize, our chemistry on ice doesn’t stop there. How do I make a play for the perfect partner when he can’t accept me as a possibility?

This story involves friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, innuendo-filled hockey banter, including an amusing debate about NHL mascots, the cutest orange cat, ice melting heat, and an adorable grand gesture.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Oh, Austin, you’re such a sweetheart, you know that? One day you will be a great pet owner. You have so much love to give.”

I give her a nod, and together we get the rest of the kittens quickly taken care of. Since I have time before I have to leave, I settle down with a group of kittens to play with them. I get out the laser pointer, and they’re slipping and sliding all over the floor, chasing the red dot like the crazy animals they are. One of the little ones is a bit shy and doesn’t want to join in on the rough and tumble play, so I pick him up and sit on my shoulder.

“Here you go, buddy. Why don’t you watch from up here? You can laugh at your friends while they act like idiots.”

Soon the other kittens notice their friend is on my shoulder, and they want there too.

Now I’ve turned into the cat toy as four little sharp-clawed kittens climb up my shirt. One is now sitting on my head, biting at my hair. The only thing I can think of is how Logan would find this hilarious. I gently get my phone out of my pocket and snap a picture. I’m wearing a big dorky grin, one kitten on my shoulder and another on my head. Even I have to admit I’m pretty adorable. I quickly send it off to him, and almost right away, my phone buzzes.

Logan: I didn’t think you were into pussy.

Logan: Are you the latest cat toy? Austin Mountain?

Austin: Austin Mountain, Ha! Maybe I could be a cat toy if hockey doesn’t work out.

Logan: I’d climb Austin Mountain all day long if I were a cat. Even if I weren’t a cat, I would.

Austin: If I’m your cat toy, you’re my catnip.

Logan: Really? Why is that?

Austin: Because you’re like a drug: one taste, and I’m already hooked and feeling crazy.

Logan: Oz…


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About the Author:

RM Author Image

I am a new author! My goal is to make you laugh, smile and swoon, but not necessarily in that order.
I tend to be goofy with a side dish of serious, but even then, I prefer a light hearted outlook on everything in life.
I write contemporary romance, HEA will always be guaranteed because everyone needs to be happy about something.
I spend my days drinking too much coffee and being grateful I live in a country without poisonous snakes.

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