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Forever After
By Marie Sinclair

Forever After Cover

Finding Forever, Book 3

After a fire destroys his apartment, Diego has no choice but to move in with the person least likely to welcome him with open arms: Alex, the recently divorced, presumably straight guy who didn’t take kindly to Diego hitting on him at a friend’s wedding.

Unfortunately, Alex can’t exactly complain about the living arrangements. After his wife cheated, he moved across the country to San Francisco to start over. The place he’s living belongs to a friend, so when Jake also offers Diego a room, Alex needs to figure out how to deal with the exceptionally hot, sex-positive, queer youth counselor whose gaydar has picked up that Alex isn’t as straight as everyone thinks he is.

Forced to live in the same house, Alex and Diego are about as combustible as fire and gasoline. But when Alex’s thirteen-year-old comes out as trans masc and moves into the house with them, Alex begins to see another side of Diego, and Diego realizes this sullen, complicated man has a heart of gold that’s been stomped on a few too many times.

Once the walls start to come down, Alex and Diego realize they have a lot in common. Not to mention an attraction that blazes hotter the more they get to know each other.

Forever After is an enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, bi-awakening story. It is Book Three in the Finding Forever series but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Please use the Look Inside feature to read the book’s trigger warning.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Diego turned the TV on and flipped to the Wi-Fi and Cocky Boys to search for something to watch. He scrolled through the images of buff models of all shapes, sizes, and levels of hairiness, finally choosing one who could be the poster child for the Ivy League with dark blond hair, a square jaw with barely any scruff, and piercing eyes. It wasn’t his usual choice, but something about this guy called to him tonight, though, and he scrolled through the available videos, finally choosing one that paired him with a dark-haired, tatted guy.

Diego undid his jeans and reached into the couch cushions for the bottle of lube that was stashed there. He’d found it by accident his first week in the house, but he had no idea if it was Jake’s or Alex’s. The idea of Alex jerking off in front of the TV made Diego’s dick plump up in his hand. Uh, not going there.

When he was comfortable, he hit Play on the video and slowly began to stroke himself. There was little buildup before both guys were naked. He groaned as the blond swallowed down the other guy’s uncut cock, his own hand tightening on his shaft and sliding to the tip. He squeezed, then bucked his hip up to slide through his tight fist, the movement making the head of his cock peek out from his foreskin. It was already red and weeping.

On the screen, saliva pooled around the tatted guy’s base and leaked from the blond guy’s mouth. Diego cursed as he tried to get his hand around his balls as the guys got ready to bang. He watched the dark-haired guy line his dick up with the blond guy’s hole and imagining his own sinking into a nice tight ass. His balls drew up tight, and Diego pinched the head of his dick. Not yet. Too soon. Wait. Slowing his hand, he panted softly until his orgasm receded.

The guys on the screen were moving on to a reverse cowboy, and the blond guy was pulling on his cock for all he was worth while the other guy was slipping his finger alongside his own cock as he pumped upward. The blond cried out, and then he was coming, hot and thick over his hand. Diego held his breath, pulled harder on his dick as he waited for the money shot, and there it was. Dark-haired tat-guy was pulling out, pushing blondie onto his stomach, tearing the condom off, and jerking himself over the blond’s cute bubble ass. That was all it took for Diego’s orgasm to crest and roll through him like a tidal wave. His back arched, hot cum coated his hand, and Diego let out a satisfied groan as he sank back onto the couch. He reached for his shirt so he could wipe his hands.

“What the fucking hell are you doing?”

At the sound of Alex’s voice, Diego hit Pause and closed his eyes. Of course, the asshole would come home at exactly the wrong moment.

Diego pulled up his jeans, tucked himself back inside, and stood, wiping his hands on his thighs. Diego caught Alex’s quick downward glance, followed by an immediate flush to his cheeks and holy fuck! a flick of tongue across his lips, before he jerked his focus back to Diego’s face and narrowed his eyes.

And then his eyes widened in shock as he glanced at the TV screen. Diego turned to look and couldn’t help the laugh that spilled from his mouth. How had he not noticed that the blond guy looked an awful lot like his housemate?

Alex put up his hands and backed away from the living room. “You and I have got to have a serious talk about boundaries,” he said before he turned and bolted up the stairs.

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Check out the rest of the
Finding Forever Series

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Book 1: A Kind of Forever


Ry and Cart were inseparable in college: two innocent kids in love who thought they could take on the world. But when a photograph of the two of them at an LGBTQ protest outed Ry to his conservative family, his parents forced him to leave college and convinced Cart their relationship was something Ry regretted.

Twelve years later, they’re given a second chance.

Since they last saw each other, Cart has moved on. Sort of. He relocated to San Francisco, became a human-rights lawyer, and fell in love again and got married, only to lose his husband to cancer. Still reeling from the loss, he’s devoted himself to the struggling LGBTQ youth center his late husband founded. Then Ry joins the law firm where Cart works. The moment they see each other, Cart can tell Ry’s changed. Gone is the sensuous and enthusiastic lover Cart remembers, and in his place is a man who looks at Cart with disgust. The last thing Cart needs is having to figure out what’s going on with his former lover, but he can’t ignore the strong emotions resurfacing between them.

When Ry returned to his hometown of San Francisco, he knew being near his parents again was going to be a challenge. For twelve years, they’ve been manipulating him with threats of being disinherited and losing his trust fund. It worked when he was younger, getting him to leave college and agree to conversion therapy in the hopes of getting away and returning to Cart. But the camp caused him so much trauma, he can’t even look at another man without experiencing a panic attack. Now his goal is to beat his parents at their own game by pretending to be the dutiful, straight son they want. Two more years, and he’ll succeed. Then he sees Cart again and realizes what really matters to him. He just needs to find a way for Cart to realize it too.

Trigger Warnings: This book contains references to attempted suicide, conversion therapy, depression, and self-harm, as well as depictions of PTSD and panic attacks.

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Book 2: Nothing Like Forever


Jake and Micah met at eighteen and formed a deep connection the instant they saw each other. That was the easy part.

Nothing Like Forever is a soul mates-to-partners, can’t-live-with-him/can’t-live-without-him unconventional love story in which Jake doesn’t want romance or a happily-ever-after, and Micah wants it all. With Jake. For twenty years they’ve been in and out of each other’s lives trying to get it right. They fail, retreat, disappear from each other’s lives for years at a time, and then fate (or a friend’s wedding) brings them back together for another attempt at making it work. Their connection always runs deep, but no matter what it takes for them to stay together, one thing’s certain: these guys have a unique path to finding their HEA, and when they get there, it might not look the way either of them expect.

This novel is about learning what you can and can’t expect from your partner and what you can and can’t accept for yourself in a relationship, what lines you’re willing to cross, what compromises you’re willing to make, and where you have to stay true to who you are no matter how you feel about the other person. It features an aromantic MC and a guaranteed HEA that’s as unique as these two men and the journey it takes them to find forever.

Trigger warning: this novel has mentions of alcoholism and dementia. It also features MCs who are consensually non-monogamous, but there are no on-page depictions of Jake and Micah with anyone except each other.

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About the Author:

Marie Sinclair is a queer writer living in San Francisco. Though she’s been a writer all her life, it wasn’t until she stumbled upon MM romance that she knew she’d found a home for herself and all the characters in her head.

Her focus is on contemporary romance, usually on the steamy side. While HEAs are guaranteed, it will always take some work for the couples to get there, and it might not look the way they expected at the beginning. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Marie believes in rooting her stories in the real world of queer culture and showing how love can survive even in challenging times.

Connect with Marie:
Facebook group: Marie’s Sin Bin
Instagram: marie.sinbooks
Twitter: @marie_sinbooks
Website: www.sinbinbooks.com


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