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The Woodcarver’s Model
By Peter E. Fenton

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Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to reveal.

Travel writer Rob Hanson has been from the summit of Mount Everest to the markets of Mogadishu. He loves adventure, he loves his job, and he loves the freedom of being single. At least that’s what he tells himself.

Everything changes when an assignment takes him to a small, idyllic west-coast island where he falls in love with the local woodcarver. From the first moment he sets eyes on Mitch, he feels like he’s found his perfect match. But things are never that simple for Rob.

Before long he finds himself involved with devious deals, jealous ex-lovers, and secrets from the past that refuse to go away. Rob knows that the only way to get what he needs is to reveal the truth. But does he have the courage to do what must be done in time to save himself and the man he loves?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Rob took a few photos from a distance. He checked one, zooming in on the booth to check composition and focus, and noticed the eyes of the woodcarver looking directly at him. It both startled and excited him.

As he neared the booth, he overheard the carver say, “No, the bowl’s carved from a burl. That’s a swelling on a tree trunk.” That was followed by, “I don’t know if Burl Ives was named after a swelling on a tree. It would make me worry about his parents if he was,” at which point the woodcarver looked away from his clients and focused on Rob. Rob swore he could feel the man’s dark eyes—physically feel them on his face. The man redirected his gaze, and a wide smile showed off his beautiful white teeth. White teeth against tanned skin, complemented by lustrous long dark hair and the scruff of a beard—Rob had to remember to breathe.

He continued to watch from a distance and decided not to approach the woodcarver until after his sale was completed…and he was sure it would be completed. No one would be able to resist that man’s magnetism. Rob wandered over to an adjoining booth where the proprietor was selling crocheted… Rob wasn’t even sure what they were, when he heard, “Sally—do you mind me borrowing your visitor for a moment?”

“No problem at all, Mitch. He doesn’t look like a corgi-cosy kinda guy,” she answered. Corgi cosy? Rob thought.
“You look more like the kinda guy who’d be interested in hard wood than polyester yarn.”

There was that smile again, and the eyes that locked onto his.
Rob laughed nervously. What the hell are you doing? he thought to himself.
“Sally knits little coats for dogs. She calls them Corgi Cosies. You just pop them on your dog like you would a tea cosy over a pot of tea.”
“That’s what she meant? I never would have guessed.”
“It takes a bit of time to understand an islander. It took me years.”
“So, you’re not from here?” Rob asked.
“No,” the carver said, smiling. Damn, his teeth were perfect. “I came from out east. From Ontario.”
“Me too,” Rob squeaked. Stop sounding like a hormonal ten-year-old. “Look, I was told that you were the one to talk to”—he stammered—“if I had any questions about the Island.”
“Aw. Are people talking about me? Used to be they’d only say things to each other behind my back. Now they’re telling perfect”—as he said the word, he touched Rob’s shoulder—“strangers.” Rob was ready to buy whatever he was selling.

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About the Author:

Peter E. Fenton has been working in the creative arts for over a decade. His prior work focused on writing plays and musicals including award-winning productions of The Giant’s Garden, Bemused, and Newfoundland Mary which have had professional productions across North America.

His work outside the arts includes a 42 year career in palaeontology with the Royal Ontario Museum. This job included working with rare fossils, and going on expeditions to remote locations in the Canadian Rockies, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

As retirement approached, Peter decided to draw on his many years of living, loving, and exploring and started writing in a longer form. The result is his first novel, The Woodcarver’s Model.

Peter currently resides in Toronto, Canada with his partner (who still writes plays), and is now working on a series of gay detective novels.

Connect with Peter:
Twitter: @virtualfenton
Facebook Page:


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