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Devil’s Mark
By Lark Taylor

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The Reckless Damned, Book 1

Cal and his brothers turned their backs on the family business over a hundred years ago – but Hell is tired of waiting for them to return.


I’ve never wanted a relationship – especially not with a human. With my father demanding my return to Hell and a demon leaving dead bodies in my bookshop, now is not the time to be losing my heart. But one look in Oscar’s broken eyes and I know I’m in trouble. Oscar’s been hurt before and everything in me is screaming to keep him safe. How can I do that when I know being with me will only put him in more danger?

More importantly though, am I strong enough to walk away from him?


After escaping my last relationship with broken bones and an anxiety disorder, I’m tired of living half a life. My world revolves around my classroom, flat, and best friend. When fate throws Cal in my path, he seems too good to be true. Not only does he look like he’s been pulled from my fantasies, but my baggage doesn’t scare him. Ok, so there’s the tiny issue of him being a demon, but I’ve dealt with far scarier.

I’ve been broken once before, and I don’t think I’d survive it again. Can I pull down my barriers enough to let Cal in?

Devil’s Mark is a thrilling high heat, hurt/comfort, M/M contemporary paranormal romance with a HEA and no cliff-hanger. It features a possessive demon and the broken teacher who captures his heart. ‘Devil’s Mark is the first in The Reckless Damned series but can be read as a standalone. Each book focuses on a different couple and will have a HEA.

Trigger warning for emotional abuse and domestic violence in a previous relationship, anxiety attacks, and descriptions of violence.

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Exclusive excerpt from Devil’s Mark

Trying to distract him from the sickening sound of breaking bones behind us, I went in with humour. “Listen, if you want to see my chivalrous side, you only need to ask. How about we restrict me lifting you from the floor to after blowjobs only?”

He laughed and then gasped in pain, a hand going to his ribs. I put a hand under his knees, lifting him into the air and cradling him to my chest.

“I’m fine. I’m sure it’s nothing. I’ve been through worse.”

“I don’t think reminding me of that is the smartest thing to do right now, sweetheart. I’m barely holding on to my control as it is.”

Oscar lifted a hand to cup my face, his green eyes calm. “I’m okay. I promise.”

Mori landed beside me before I could reply, his face grim. His hand was white-knuckling the back of the neck of the demon he’d caught. The demon’s wings hung limply behind her, dragging along the ground. Mori must’ve shredded them. Good. Nothing was more painful for a demon than having their wings destroyed. He flung the demon to the floor where she lay, whimpering. She didn’t have the energy to move. Either that or she knew running was pointless.

None of them would escape my wrath.

“Kept her alive for you.”

“Thank you,” I said sincerely.

“Where’s my thanks?” We turned to look at Harlow, who was sitting on the corpses of two of the demons while he used his dagger and powers to execute the third. It wasn’t like how he’d snapped my neck before. There’d be no returning for these demons, thanks to the power Harlow wielded. One of the few things we could thank Father dearest for. “I did all the bloody hard work!”

“You executed them,” Mori supplied. “That’s Cal’s right.”

“And you let Oscar get hurt,” I added, cradling the man in question closer to my chest. “And forgive me if my maths skills aren’t as good as yours, but aren’t you missing one?”

Harlow cursed and leapt to his feet. His wings snapped from his back, and he shot into the air in the direction the final demon had fled. As I’d suspected, he hadn’t gotten far. When he realised Harlow was in pursuit, he let out a trembling shout and broke into a limping run.

“You better run, motherfucker!” Harlow hooted, unbridled joy on his face as he stalked his prey.

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About the Author

Lark lives with her family in southern England. An obsessive romance fan, she loves nothing more than a Happily Ever After – especially if there’s a good plot and a hefty amount of spice along the way. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found hiding from adult life in escape rooms, travel, and the MCU. As a Bi woman with OCD, Lark is a fervent supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and an advocate for mental health awareness and support.

Connect with Lark:
@larktaylorauthor (Instagram)


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