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Love And History
By Lane Hayes

Love and History Cover

The Script Club, Book 6

The sporty roommate, the professor, and a history lesson…

Ezra might be the most annoying roommate ever. He’s loud, obnoxious, and full of himself. So what if he’s a tall, muscular, tattooed jock? His tendency to strip to his boxers in the kitchen while helping himself to my food isn’t endearing in the slightest. Nope. Ezra has to go.

However, I have to admit, he’s the perfect fit to play the king for my historic reenactment event. Ezra in a royal robe…oh, this could be quite tantalizing indeed.

He won’t do it, though.

Unless I trick him into a history lesson.

Holden is the kind of dude who wears top hats and great coats while teaching astrophysics to brainiacs. Weird, right? But I gotta respect that level of commitment. And I respect him.

Sadly, Holden doesn’t feel the same way about me.

I guess I can’t blame him. Cranking his gears has been a highlight of my stint in geek land. I’ve never seen anyone get riled about yogurt like him. He makes me laugh. And think. And he makes me want things I’d never thought possible.

So yeah, I’ll take that history lesson. If it leads to something more, I’m in.

Love and History is a Bi-awakening geek/jock romance featuring a messy law student, a picky professor, and a lesson neither will forget!

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Ezra fiddled with the tie on the robe as he glanced around the semi-dark space. “I haven’t learned this much history since high school and—hey, can you undo this knot?”

“Oh, sure.”

I shoved my phone into my pocket and fiddled with the tangled strings. It was trickier than it seemed at first. I pushed my glasses to the bridge of my nose, squinting as if the effort might help.

I think it made it worse.

Or maybe I was hopelessly distracted. I couldn’t help it. Ezra’s breath ghosted over my cheek as our knees slid together. I focused on that knot, too afraid to meet his gaze and find…what? That he knew exactly where my dirty mind had gone.

Call me crazy, but this right here was one of my biggest fantasies. A strong sexy man dressed as a king or a lord from another era…

“This is tight. Maybe you should just cut the string,” Ezra suggested in a deeper timbre than usual.

“Not a chance. This robe cost the HRS a mint, and it’s one of our most important pieces. I can do it.”

I wedged my pinky into the gold-threaded rope and tugged. Nothing. I was sweating now. I couldn’t handle being this close to Ezra for much longer without melting into a puddle of goo.



“Look at me.”

No can do, sir.

“I’ve almost…got it.”

Ezra grabbed my wrist and swatted the rope till it slipped between my fingers, leaving me no choice but to obey.

No doubt he expected me to come for him with guns blazing. It was how we did things. I pushed, he pulled. We didn’t cooperate or communicate without friction. But we’d been so good today, and the only friction I felt at the moment was internal.

“Hey.” He loosened his grip and used his free hand to tilt my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze. “Go easy. If you dig too hard, you’ll ruin the thread and…”

I swallowed hard, losing myself in a sea of caramel and gold and—was he still talking? I blinked in an attempt to clear my mind. When I refocused, he was closer than I realized, leaning in just as I did. And he wasn’t speaking anymore.

Ezra’s eyes flitted from my mouth to my eyes and back. I licked my lips, equal parts anxious and hungry…and yes, a bit disoriented. I felt like we were under a spell, being drawn together like a couple of magnets. There was nothing I could do to stop the forward motion. Our noses brushed, his hand cupped my cheek, and ever so slowly, our lips touched.

It was nothing more than a featherlight caress. I held my breath and idly wondered if he was doing the same thing…until he slipped his fingers into my hair, tilted his head, and slanted his mouth over mine.

And oh, this was even better than the first time.

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Following The Rules

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 12.13.26 pm

The geek, the jock, and a new set of rules…


My friend’s brother needs an academic assistant and I need a job. Problem…jocks are my weakness. Seriously. I lose my ability to speak coherently around muscle-bound hotties. Oh yeah, I lose my inhibitions too—not a good look for a guy with a genius IQ. So what am I going to do about Simon?


Finishing college isn’t high on my list of priorities, but my future in professional football is looking bleak. I need a plan B or C, and I could use some help navigating life as an undergrad. Topher is perfect. He’s also a little strange…but in a good way. And I like the way I feel when I’m around him—as though anything is possible. Maybe if we follow our hearts, we’ll find what we’re looking for. But that means changing the rules…

Following the Rules is a MM, bisexual awakening romance starring a lovable nerd, a cool jock, and some extracurricular fun.

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About the Author:

Lane Hayes loves a good romance! An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and were winners in the 2016, 2017, 2018-2019, and 2020-2021 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in a not quite empty nest.

Connect with Lane:
My Readers’ Group, Lane’s Lovers: https://bit.ly/3aIbMYg
My Newsletter: https://bit.ly/3cICfaK
Blog: www.lane-hayes.com
Twitter: twitter.com/LaneHayes3
FB: facebook.com/LaneHayesAuthor
Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/lanehayes
BookBub: bookbub.com/authors/lane-hayes
Instagram: instagram.com/Lanehayesauthor
Goodreads: goodreads.com/LaneHayes



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