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Stronger Than Longing
By Katherine McIntyre

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Chesapeake Days, Book 3

Return to small-town Chesapeake and fall in love with the single-dad bad boy who keeps breaking hearts, and the adorable geek who can’t help but fall head over heels for his brother’s best friend.

For one night with the man of his dreams, Taran’s willing to break all his rules…

Taran’s always been the reliable one. Safe. Which is why he keeps getting dumped by the assholes he dates. And after the latest round of “too boring,” he’s ready to drink his blues away. That’s until Silas King shows up—the gorgeous guy he’d swooned over through high school.

Silas wants one more night of distraction before his new reality sets in, and he sets his sights on Taran, his friend’s little brother who’s looking sexier than ever. It’s not like he can get in any more trouble than he’s already found himself in.

After Taran and Silas spend one unforgettable night together, feelings emerge, ones quickly stamped out when Silas confesses why he’s back in town. He’s returned to meet his three-month-old daughter.

With that chaos in his life, Silas can’t pursue anything further with Taran, and having longed for Silas his whole damn life, Taran isn’t sure he’ll survive the aftermath. Yet the more they try to avoid their connection, the more they keep colliding… until the passion between them detonates.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Taran made a move instead, tracing his fingertips down Silas’s. “I noticed these last night,” he murmured, pausing on the letters inked on his knuckles. “Why’d you get ‘turn left’ there?”

Taran’s careful scrutiny made Silas’s stomach clench with want. The man’s observations peeled back his skin without even trying, like the masks Silas wore that everyone else took at face value wouldn’t hold weight with him.

Silas let out a casual laugh, throwing out his normal excuse. “Oh, my dumb ass still can’t tell left from right, so I figured I’d give myself the reminder.”

Taran just lifted a brow, clearly not buying it. He continued to rub his thumb over the letters, the intimate motion stripping down Silas’s defenses as if he hadn’t spent years honing them. “We both know that’s bullshit, so what’s the actual reason?”

Silas’s throat dried. Well, damn. How the fuck was this guy even real? They’d barely spoken in high school, so how did Taran Shah see past his crap when even his own friends hadn’t?

Silas leaned back in the bed, propping himself up on his elbows. The sheets almost slipped off his hip, and he didn’t miss the hungry way Taran’s gaze traced the exposed skin. “So, it’s kind of stupid, but you know the sci-fi show Doctor Who?”

Taran’s eyes widened in surprise for a second, only to deepen to wan amusement. “I’m well aware of the show. Remember, I’m the guy who gets dumped for being too boring and liking weird shit.”

“That’s a load,” Silas retorted on instinct. “Kevin must’ve been too dull to recognize all of this hotness.” Silas gestured up and down Taran’s body.

Taran pursed his lips, and for a moment his thumb paused midstroke, but then he continued to circle over the letters. “So, Doctor Who….”

“There’s an episode that’s about the Butterfly Effect, one choice leading to an entirely different life,” Silas said, staring at the sheets. The reality settled onto him a little more heavily today. “Turn right and go the safe route or turn left and take a risk. And I’d always rather take the risk than wonder what I could’ve missed out on.”

His skin prickled with vulnerability. He’d never told anyone the truth behind the tattoo before, though to be fair, no one had ever called him on his lie either. When he glanced back at Taran, the man was staring at him with a serious expression that was softer, something that reached right in past his ribcage and tugged.

“That’s beautiful, Si,” Taran murmured. He pulled his hand away and raked his fingers through his obsidian strands that glowed with chocolate notes in the bright morning light. “Risk taking’s never been my strong point. Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong.”

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Catch-up on Chesapeake Days, Book 1

Stonger than hope_forjpegs

One man looking to set down roots, the other looking to leave…

Fresh out of a relationship, Nate’s searching for a change—what better way is there than renovating his uncle’s old coffee shop in Chesapeake City? He has a new job, in a new town, and a new lease. And when he almost runs over his hot neighbor, Linc, who happens to be his contractor? Well, based on the explosive attraction between them, maybe he’ll find something new there too.

Linc’s been treading water ever since his wife passed away in childbirth, focusing all of his energy on raising his son, Beckett. The obvious solution? He needs to get the hell out of Chesapeake City. But when Nate charmingly fumbles his way into Linc’s life, he finds his defenses lowering for the first time in years. One date leads to another, and hell, this man makes him feel in ways he’d forgotten.

Even though Nate just finished piecing his heart back together, he falls fast. Yet Linc’s made it clear he’s a bad bet. The man hasn’t clicked with anyone since his wife, and if Nate ends up being “not enough” again, that won’t shatter just his heart—the fragile home he’s trying to build in this town will crumble too.

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About the Author:

Katherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature. She writes stories featuring snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes—and there’s an equally high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix. As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat, she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of people out there, from different cultures and races to all varieties of men and women.

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