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Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien
By Chloe Archer


Tentacular Tales, Book 2

A grumpy-sexy alien and his (mostly) human sunshiney mate find the road to happily ever after is paved with challenges, including a troublesome ex, alien refugees in need of help, unexpected mating instincts, and someone trying to expose alien existence on Earth. Tentacles and tarnation! Will they be able to handle everything in their way and finally get engaged?


Working for the Alliance is a sci-fi nerd’s dream–aka mine–come true. I’ve even won the heart of my grumpy-sexy alien boyfriend. Nothing can bring me down, baby. I’m walking on freaking sunshine! Except now one of Kai’s douchey AF exes decides to turn up like a bad case of crabs that he can’t get rid of. I don’t trust him one bit. But I’ve got even bigger problems to worry about. Like helping some awesome aliens in trouble, and maybe moving in with Kai, who’s totally going to propose any day now—right? Oh, and my shady relatives might be hiring an assassin to take me out. So, you know, a day in the life of River Sullivan. I’m sure everything’s going to be fine. Won’t it?


Just when we think we have a new lead on the drug dealer targeting extraterrestrials on Earth, we run into a major roadblock. And the longer this mess of an investigation drags on without answers, the less I like it. Outside of work though, things are going amazingly well with my adorable mate–dear galactic gods, how did that happen? But with an ex back in my life wanting to be friends again, and the threat of a potential assassin looming, things are getting a little complicated. I love River with both my hearts—and all five tentacles—but even I’m worried I might not be able to protect him from the dangers ahead. Also, I need to figure out how the heck I’m going to propose to him. River deserves something “epic,” and I don’t want to let him down. Am I going to be able to deliver?

Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien (Tentacular Tales #2) is a (116,000 words) M/M sci-fi rom com and the second book in the series. It should be read in chronological order. This installment features a pajama party date that will go down in infamy, inappropriate team t-shirts, a half-baked love poem, more Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox, drunken shenanigans courtesy of spaceship moonshine, unexpected mating instincts, plenty of new aliens with problems for River to solve, and tentacles galore. And possibly an epic proposal? This book has an HFN ending and no cheating. Never fear—there is a guaranteed HEA by the end of the series!

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“Whatcha doing?” River asks, suddenly materializing out of nowhere like a bloody ninja.

I let out a far too shrill shriek and jolt from my position on the bed before hastily slamming shut the laptop perched on my knees. “Nothing!”

I mentally cringe. That sounded guilty as hell.

River narrows his shrewd green eyes at me, immediately suspicious. He glances at the laptop I’m clutching in desperation.

“Isn’t that mine?”

I feel blood rushing to my cheeks, practically writing an admission of guilt all over my face. “Maybe?”

River puts his hands on his hips, and I can’t stop myself from ogling him. He’s standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else. His usual wild mop of golden curls are now wet coils, dripping water down the smooth skin of his chest. He’s much smaller than me, but he has a tight, compact body that appeals on every level. The recent training he’s been doing with our team under Zamir’s guidance has turned his limber body into an even more sculpted and strong one.

Just looking at him makes my cock and tentacles throb. I was already half hard from reading the start of the latest installment in River’s story, but seeing him nearly naked and wet from his shower, I lose all interest in Lord Vardox and Captain Starblade’s adventures. The man in front of me is far too tempting to ignore.

A slow grin spreads across his face as he realizes what’s going on. “You couldn’t wait, could you? You were totally sneaking a peek at the latest chapter.”

“I should get to read it before anyone else, anyway,” I mutter. “This seems like a perk your boyfriend ought to have.”

“What did you think? Did you like it?” He leers at me, and then he says in a strange voice, “Did it make you horny, baby? Yeah!”

My confusion must show on my face because he lets out a very loud and put upon sigh. “You seriously haven’t seen Austin Powers? Come on! You’re older than me, and I’ve seen those movies. With Benji, of course.”

Ah, more elusive human pop culture. “I don’t share your obsession with movies.” Technically true, but I do enjoy messing with him sometimes and pretending I’ve never seen things I actually have. This is not one of those times, though.

Some of River’s cinematic viewing choices are highly questionable. I’m still trying to recover from having to sit through some 80s sci-fi film atrocity called Earth Girls Are Easy. River claims it’s campy and brilliant. I thought it was a cheesy, low-budget waste of almost two hours of my life. The aliens weren’t even remotely believable!

Although I will admit that Mr. Jeff Goldblum was very easy on the eyes. River and I agree on that.

My boyfriend gets a determined glint in his eyes. “I’ll woo you to the dark side one of these days.”

On the heels of that proclamation, he saunters toward me, and my gaze fixates on the beads of water dripping down his naked chest and trailing under the band of the towel riding oh-so-low on his hips.

Temptation, thy name is River Sullivan.

“Like what you see?” he asks, his eyes hooded and tone sultry.

I set the laptop aside in a hurry. “You know I do.”

River comes to stand between my legs where I’m sitting on the edge of the bed. I lean forward to lick several of the water drops trailing down his chest. He shivers in pleasure. Inhaling deeply, I groan at the amazing smell wafting off his body. It’s the most tantalizing scent of warm vanilla mixed with cinnamon, sugar, and a masculine base of sandalwood.

I pull River closer and nuzzle into his neck, sniffing the alluring aroma. “What’s this heavenly smell?”

He practically purrs with satisfaction. “It’s my new body wash and cologne.” He lifts my head up to look into his eyes. “I got them just for you.”

With a growl, I pull him down onto the bed next to me and splay him out, leaning over his delectable body. “How did you know I’d like this?”

River grins. “Because it makes me smell like a giant snickerdoodle. Duh.”

I feign being affronted. “Are you trying to arouse me by smelling like…manly baked cookies?”

He arches a mischievous eyebrow at me. “It worked, didn’t it?”

Dark matter and damn it! It totally did.

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Catch up on the Series with Book 1:
It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an Alien


A sexy alien living incognito on Earth meets a sci-fi loving nerd who wants to rock his universe. What could possibly go wrong? Besides the unexpected tentacles and the accidental Mating Courtship Ritual, that is….


As a bona fide sci-fi nerd and total X-phile—the truth is out there—I’ve always believed in aliens. Duh. But I never thought I’d actually find them on Earth–let alone right here in Las Vegas! Now I’ve stumbled onto a big freakin’ secret and found my very own hot AF alien. I’m head over heels, but he’s being a total grump and holding back. How do I make him realize a geeky sunshine guy like me is just what he needs in his life? Did I mention he also has tentacles?!?! #HolyHentaiFantasyBatman #SwoonworthyAlien #SignMeUpSugar #MakeItSo #VivaLasVegas


The last thing I need in my life is a chatterbox twink who’s determined to woo me and could expose the secret existence of aliens on Earth to all humankind. Everything about him annoys me, including his stupidly attractive halo of golden curls and his bright green ‘come hither’ eyes. To make matters worse, he’s been recruited to work for the alien Alliance on Earth, and I’m assigned to keep him out of trouble. I don’t care how attractive he is. I don’t date humans! Except, my tentacles may have accidentally started the Mating Courtship Ritual with him…

It’s Not Unusual to be Loved by an Alien (Tentacular Tales #1) is an (102,000 words) M/M sci-fi rom com featuring an adorkable twink with unexpected secrets and a slight obsession with extraterrestrials, the reluctant alien he wants to make his boo, tentacles with a mind of their own, zany extraterrestrial shenanigans in Sin City, and enough humor to fill an entire spaceship. This is the first book in the series. There is no cheating, and this book ends with a HFN. Never fear, the series guarantees readers an HEA by the end!

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And check out the new CHRISTMAS release, Book 1.5: A Very Tentacular Christmas

A-Tentacular-Christmas Cover


Ho, ho, ho…and tentacles? I’ve written a super secret Christmas novella in my over-the-top space saga/tentacle romance series. Who could have imagined I’d have so many actual alien fans across the universe? I can’t wait to share this new story with them, but first I need some feedback I can trust. Who better to ask than my alien boo, and mega fan, Kai? So naturally, I plan an ultra festive Christmas-themed date night to get Kai in a festive mood to listen to my story. There will be cookies, cocoa, and hopefully plenty of sexy times. But as they often say about the best-laid plans of aliens and men…


I’m learning that when it’s River’s turn to plan our date nights, I have to be prepared for almost anything. Coming home to find my house looking like the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie exploded in my living room was not what I was expecting—especially in October! But once River brings out the sugar cookies and cocoa, I’m on board. He knows the way to my two hearts. However, when I’m getting in more than just the Christmas mood, trouble arrives in the form of River’s Uncle Benji, my brother, my mother, and my father. My inner grump may go full grinch if they don’t leave us—and my precious sugar cookies—alone!

A Very Tentacular Christmas (Tentacular Tales 1.5) is a 32,000 word novella that takes place between Books 1 and 2 in the series. It features more in the adventures of Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox who are trapped on a winter moon during a snowstorm and there’s only one bed (!), the unexpected arrival of meddlesome family members at the worst possible moment, sexy Santa lingerie, bells on balls, an unintentionally erotic sculpture, and plenty of Christmas cheer!

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About the Author:

Chloe Archer writes M/M sci-fi and paranormal rom coms with laugh-out-loud humor because she’s all about bringing the funny-sexy back. Oh, yeah!

She currently calls Minnesota home but has lived abroad in places like Montreal, Edinburgh, and Tokyo. She’s hoping to relocate to Scotland permanently in the next few years if the stars align.

Chloe is a fur mama to two adorable Yorkies, Jasper and Teddy, and she loves them in a crazy dog mama kind of way. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys visiting friends and family, traveling, reading, binge-watching movies and TV shows, and practicing her karaoke skills. She does a mean cover of Pat Benatar and Cher, or so she’s been told.

Connect with Chloe:


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