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The King’s Delight
By Sarah Honey

The King's Delight Cover

Tales of Lilleforth, Book 1

King Leopold of Lilleforth rules his kingdom well. He’s handsome, intelligent, and charming. It’s no wonder the neighbouring kingdoms are eager to provide him with a princess to marry. There’s just one problem—Leo has no interest in princesses. His tastes tend more towards handsome young men who enjoy a good spanking.

Felix Hobson left the kingdom of Lilleforth as a teenager to train as a groom. While he was away he learned a lot, and not all of it had to do with horses—although riding crops were definitely involved. Now an adult, Felix is home to take up the position of royal groom, where he hopes he’ll have plenty of opportunities for a roll in the hay.

When Felix mistakes Leopold for a horse thief and attempts to seduce him, Leopold is delighted by the irreverent, attractive lad, and sparks fly. Their arrangement is all fun and games, right until they both fall hard and fast. But while what they have together is a delight, there’s no way it can last—can it?

They’ll have to navigate a visiting princess, an assassination attempt, and a kidnapping if they want a chance to find out.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Once the food had been cleared, the musicians started to play a jaunty tune, and Prince Stephan was less than subtle when he declared, “And of course you’ll dance with my sister, Your Majesty?”

“Of course,” Leo said, standing and extending a hand to Sophia. She finished her glass of wine before she gave a small nod of her head and took the proffered hand, and Leo led her out to the open space and led her in a simple two-step. Other couples soon joined them, and Leo found that he was enjoying himself more than he’d expected. Sophia was rather fetching in an emerald green gown and light on her feet as they danced, as was Leo. Her cheeks were rosy, but whether from the dancing or the wine she’d consumed, Leo couldn’t say.

When the dance came to an end, Sophia’s gaze flicked to the side and Leo followed it, only to find her brother watching them, his brow creased. Sophia gave Leo a bow and he mirrored her action, and she used the resulting closeness of her mouth to Leo’s ear to murmur, “I think he’s finally realising his hopes of a wedding are in vain.”

“I should hope so,” Leo whispered back, “since we’ve been quite clear all along.”

The music kicked up again and they resumed dancing. “My brother has always been oblivious to that which he didn’t want to see,” Sophia said with a sigh, “but we just have to get through tonight without being manoeuvred into an arrangement.” Her mouth quirked up. “I’m sure your groom would have something to say about you getting betrothed. Besides,” she confided, her face flushing darker and her voice low, “I find my eye drawn to another.”

“You mean there’s a better royal match than me? Impossible!” Leo teased.

“He’s not even royalty. He’s a mere knight, although an uncommonly handsome one,” she said with another sigh. “And my brother will disapprove, I have no doubt. But I know who I want, and I mean to have him—that is, if he’ll have me.”

“Anyone who doesn’t jump at the chance to wed you is an idiot,” Leo said.

Sophia gave a sharp smile. “So, what does that make you then, Your Majesty?”

Leo laughed. “Someone who’s not nearly clever enough to keep up with you. I hope your knight is quick-witted as well as handsome.”

“Oh, he is,” Sophia said, her smile widening as the music slowed and the dancing stopped.

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About the Author

Sarah started life in New Zealand. She came to Australia for a working holiday, loved it, and never left. She lives in Western Australia with her partner, two cats, two dogs and a life-size replica TARDIS.

She spends half her time at a day job and the rest of her time reading and writing about clueless men falling in love, with a dash of humour and spice thrown in along the way.

Her proudest achievements include having adult kids who will still be seen with her in public, the ability to make a decent sourdough loaf, and knowing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.

She has co-authored both the Bad Boyfriends, Inc and the Adventures in Aguillon series with Lisa Henry. Socially Orcward, the third book in the Aguillon series, was runner up in the Best Asexual Book category in 2021’s Rainbow Awards.

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