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The Alien Infiltrator
By Eryn Ivers


Interspecies Alliances, Book 3

“He gets under my skin like a splinter. Like shrapnel.”

Leon Hess has just started a war. As the Resistance’s new leader, the only thing that matters to him is driving out the Klah’Eel forces that have occupied his home for decades. He will do whatever it takes, pay whatever cost, deploy whatever tool he must.

But his best tool, the one that makes everything possible, is also the man he can’t bear to look in the eye.

Sebastian is a torvar—a parasitic worm physically capable of body-hopping at will and morally capable of body-stealing with impunity. As the most hated and feared of all races, instead of living a quiet life hiding his nature, Sebastian chose to out himself and use his considerable skills to fight for the land he loves.

But no matter how hard he works himself or how often he risks his life for his country, for the Resistance, for Leon Hess, the man won’t even acknowledge him!

As the war rages around them, Leon and Sebastian will be forced to settle their differences, to form an unstoppable team, and to sacrifice more than they ever imagined.

The Alien Infiltrator is Book 3 in the Interspecies Alliances series and features pining, power dynamics, and plot. It takes place right after—like, right after—The Alien Bodyguard and contains cameos and spoilers for the Bodyguard’s couple (and its big plot twist).

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Exclusive Excerpt from The Alien Infiltrator

Leon caught Sebastian’s hand before it could touch him. “Lots of men could you love you, Sebastian.” Leon steeled himself and pushed through. “Lots of better men. You don’t have to settle for me just because I keep pushing myself on you.”

Sebastian’s eyes flicked sadly to the hand Leon still held away from himself. “Why won’t you ever let me touch you?”

“What?” Leon deflated. “I have.”

“No.” Sebastian pointed his chin at Leon’s hand clasped around his wrist. “You always stop me.”

“You kissed me this morning.” Leon shook his head. “And the night before that, you”—he swallowed—“you touched me plenty.”

“You only didn’t stop me this morning because you thought I was going to punch you.” Sebastian scowled.

Leon couldn’t disagree; he had thought it a distinct possibility.

Sebastian nodded pointedly and continued, “And the night before that was a bit of an extenuating circumstance.”

Leon licked his lips and let go of Sebastian’s wrist. He raised his chin and pulled his shoulders back. Sebastian’s lips quirked, and he raised an eyebrow. Leon nodded.

Sebastian huffed a laugh and brought both hands to cup Leon’s face. Leon blinked a few times at the aching tenderness in his touch, and Sebastian’s half smile smoothed into something soft. “What are you so afraid of, Leon?”

Leon looked away and chewed on the inside of his cheek as he struggled to articulate the anxious, guilty, defensive feeling churning in his stomach. “That I’ll…sully you.”

Sebastian threw his head back and let out that beautiful laugh. “That you’ll sully me? Leon, you put me naked on a desk and ordered me to come all over myself.”

Leon flushed. “I know.”

“And you had me jamb three fingers up my ass while I sucked your cock.”

Leon flushed harder. “I know.”

“But you think letting me touch you is gonna be the final straw?”

Leon tried to pull his face away, but Sebastian held him fast, so he sighed. “There’s a difference between doing something to you that I know you’ll like and taking something from you that I don’t deserve.”

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Check out Books 1 & 2 in the Interspecies Alliances Series

Book 1: The Alien Emissary


The metal tentacles tightened around Bryant’s wrists and for the first time in years he finally felt…safe.

When Bryant Harrison breaks into the ship of a powerful Qeshian emissary, he knows he might get caught. But he needs the money to save his daughter, and for her anything is worth the risk.

What Bryant doesn’t know is that Emissary Serihk can see everything that happens on his ship, and he’s got enough flex metal tentacles packed into its every nook and cranny to do something about it.

But when Serihk has Bryant bound and kneeling on the floor, the feelings the human brings out in him are far from vengeful…

The Alien Emissary is the prologue novella that kicks off Interspecies Alliances! Every book in the series features its own couple with a galaxy-spanning plot arc linking them altogether. Best read in order!

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Book 2: The Alien Bodyguard


Scarred lips resting on polished tusks…horned eyebrows over electric orange eyes… He was breathtaking.

Oliver Turner has been given one last chance to regain his rightful position by his father’s side running the family corporation, but he can’t keep his eyes off his klah’eel bodyguard. Oliver wants the man with an intensity that both scares and shocks him, and he’s terrified of letting the desire pass him by after being so afraid for so long that he’d never desire a man again. But Oliver has spent his whole life chasing the love and approval of his father, and he can’t let that slip through his fingers when he’s so close.

Captain Mal’ik can’t believe that the yearning, longing scent pouring from the beautiful human man he’s been assigned to protect is for him. Mal’ik has been a soldier for decades and bears the proof of it in his mangled face and metal arm, surely the prissy, brilliant young man can’t want him of all people. And yet, the way Oliver Turner looks at Mal’ik makes him feel like he could be so much more than just the scarred tool of an empire.

As Oliver and Mal’ik wrestle with their surprising and unfamiliar feelings, the tense political situation surrounding them explodes into chaos. They will both be forced to make choices they never thought they’d make. Is it even possible for them to choose each other?

The Alien Bodyguard is a steamy M/M romance with an HEA, set directly after the events of The Alien Emissary. Reading Emissary isn’t required but it is highly encouraged, as Bodyguard does contain spoilers for Emissary, and includes all of Emissary’s main characters.

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About the Author

Eryn Ivers writes sci-fi and fantasy erotic romances about flawed men who have hot sex, feel too many things, and eventually live happily ever after.

She lives on the coast of California with her ridiculously lawful-good husband and chaotic-neutral cat.

Connect with Eryn:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erynivers_author/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@erynivers_mmromance
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erynivers
Website: erynivers.com


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