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By Iris Foxglove


It is said the demon in the well will give you your heart’s desire…for a price.

When Declan’s prince and best friend, Arwyn, goes seeking the demon for himself, he surprises Declan by leaping into the demon’s well. But when Declan pulls him out, it isn’t Arwyn he rescued, but a demon wearing his skin. No one believes Declan that Arwyn’s soul has been corrupted by the shadow in the well, and with Arwyn taking up arms against the king’s fleet by becoming a pirate, all that matters is stopping him.

When Arwyn offers him a terrible bargain, Declan agrees, hoping it will finally give him the truth about what happened to his prince…and a chance to find the man he’d loved since childhood.

But Arwyn isn’t a demon. He’s a god, and he is very, very good at knowing what people really want. He is convinced that for Declan, it isn’t the prince who went into the water that has captivated him…but the shadow that came out of it.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Shadowfall:

“I can’t force you to listen, but it’s in your best interest to be agree‐ able, Declan. Keep that in mind.”

Declan’s stare was murderous, and Arwyn would bet his nice human body that Declan was biting on the bit to channel his anger. Which was … distracting. And would be more so if Declan were kneeling. Maybe his recalcitrance was for the best.

“If you’re so determined to go back to my Well, I’ll take you there myself. But you have to behave. Follow my orders. That’s it, Declan. Do that, prove you can be trusted, and there will be no need to involve your king and his army in our little … conflict.” He winked. “We can settle this, just the two of us.”


Arwyn’s eyebrows raised. “What was that … Oh. Three of us, is that what you meant? Sure, fine, that. The three of us.” That wasn’t a lie. Declan wanted Arwyn—the real one—back. Arwyn wanted to keep the form he’d been given. That certainly involved all three of them.

The truth he wasn’t willing to share—even with his siblings—was that his control over the shadow was slipping. More and more, the truth of himself was pressing against the confines of the human shape it had been poured into. Arwyn remembered hearing a tale about a cask of wine, where the fermentation gasses built up so powerfully that when someone went to uncork it, it exploded like a cannon. This was less dramatic, but lately he’d noticed that his smiles were more frightening than reassuring, and—as happened the other night near the Broken Lantern—strong emotions distorted his human form.

The real Arwyn wanted to keep Declan safe, and according to Azaiah, his spirit never had crossed the river. Perhaps if his ghost saw that Declan was alive and kicking, he would be able to board Azaiah’s boat at last. Of course, it was possible that if that were to happen, his body would deteriorate. But what was life without a little risk? Even immortal life in a borrowed body.

“Show me I can trust you, Declan. Let’s take the king’s hood from you, allow you off your lead, and see if you fly away. We’ll go to Port Abyssian and I’ll parade you about like my spoil of war. Then, after you’ve given me the renown and respect I deserve, I’ll take you to the Well.”

Declan was staring at him. Arwyn sighed, walked over, and undid the bit. “I’ll put it on again; don’t test me.”

“Why?” Declan had to lick his lips a few times before he could speak. “Just so I can send you back where you came from? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Of course it didn’t. “You’ll have to trust me. Will it humiliate you? Yes. Will it save your king, all his children and their various floating palaces, from chasing me all over the Iperian seas? Yes. Is it your only chance to get your friend back? Also yes.”

“That’s what you want from all this? Respect?”

“Who doesn’t want respect?”

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Strom Front, Book 1


In a remote village, a man named Azaiah goes wreathed in flowers and smiling to the sacrificial altar, willing to die to keep his village safe from plague. But the Harvester has something else in store for Azaiah, and it isn’t the shores of the world beyond that await him…but the cloak and scythe itself. Being Death means a long life that nevertheless requires a connection to humanity, and Azaiah learns that corruption awaits those who do not find a mortal companion to keep them tethered to the world. He finds it in Nyx, a soldier from an ancient empire and an adopted son of the Emperor, whose soul burns bright enough that Azaiah is certain immortality won’t be a burden but a gift.

But then a shocking betrayal changes Nyx from a gruff soldier with a kind heart to a man bent on vengeance, swearing fealty not to Azaiah, but his sibling, Ares. With Nyx set on destroying the empire that was once his home, Azaiah is dangerously close to losing himself to the corruption that threatens those who lose their tether to the mortal world.

Nyx once loved the Empire and the family that took him in, but when the perfidy of his adopted brother results in a tragedy beyond his ability to bear, Nyx wants nothing more than to burn the world in his wake. Turning from the quiet, intriguing Azaiah toward the promise of bloody vengeance, Nyx gives his vows to Ares and watches the empire he once served fall into ruin. But as the years pass, vengeance is a cold comfort, and the man who is now called Glaive is determined to save Azaiah from being lost in the dark.

STORMFRONT is the first book in the IMMORTALS DESCENDING series, featuring gods in search of their eternal companions.

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About the Author(s)

Iris Foxglove is the shared pen name of Avon Gale (she/her) and Fae Loxley (he/him). Avon and Fae met in fandom in 2019, and began writing fanfiction together in 2020 during lockdown. They eventually decided to collaborate on original fantasy fiction, and haven’t looked back since.

They write queer fantasy with an emphasis on biological imperative, natural power exchange dynamics, complex worldbuilding, and unforgettable characters.

You can follow Iris on Twitter @irisfoxglove, or sign up for Iris’ newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hrhA6z

Iris also has a brand-new Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/irisfoxglove

Iris’ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?
Instagram: Irisfoxglovewrites
tik-tok: irisfoxgloveauthor


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