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Textual Connections
By Becca Jackson

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Love in No Man’s Land Series, Book 1


I thought I was good with my life in No Man’s Land. Truth be told, I was, until I messaged Bear.

What started as an onlinedebate about coffee vs wine, has become something so much more, it doesn’t even matter that I don’t know his real name and have never seen his face. My daughter doesn’t agree.

She wants me to find someone “real” before she leaves for college, so when the neighborshot brother rolls into town, she’s less than subtle about my single status.

Bobby is a free spirit, man in every town, according to his sister, but that’s not really him.He’s fun, adventurous, kind, and he’s a fantastic flirt, so when the similarities between Bear and Bobby start to align I can hardly believe my luck.

Can my online crush really be the guy next door?


I never wanted to come back to Nomanland, traveling the world is everything to me, but the money has almost run out and I’m in desperate need of a sponsor that doesn’t make me cringe.

My sister thinks I’m crazy for not wanting to settle down, and when I told her about chatting online with Mal she basically gave me the whole catfish creeper tv-special warning and begged me not to try to meet him for real.

Not that Mal would want to come to Nomanland. I can’t see what this small town has to offer anyone, that is until Michael takes it upon himself to show me the beauty of this town I’d chosen to forget.

Michael owns the local café, he’s a fan of puns, is an amazing dad and loves travel, though he’s never actually been anywhere… just like Mal.

I tell myself I must be crazy, because if Michael really is Mal, how long has he known? Was Meg right? Did I come back to Normanland just to get my heart broken, or could Mal really be the happy beginning I never knew I needed?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Secret Path:

I let him walk ahead, half because my hands won’t stop shaking, and half because every time the path steps up or down, his pants wrap tightly around his ass and it’s too good a view to pass up.

He turns and I quickly snap my gaze to the grass under our feet. Shit, he had to see me checking him out. My cheeks burn, waiting for him to call me on it.

“Are you sure there’s more out here?” he asks instead.

“It’s not much further, just through those trees at the end,” I say, breathing a sigh of relief and pointing ahead.

He reaches the break in the path and stops at the edge between the trees.

“Okay, this is surprising,” he says, leaning on the tree to the left. I join him at the end and press my back against the tree on the right, my hands gripping my coffee cup tightly in front of me as I try to focus my nerves.

His gaze is locked on the overgrown forsythia that’s created a blanket of golden yellow flowers that go all way down to the water’s edge. The sunlight hits the morning dew that rests on their petals like a fine glitter.

Bobby pulls out his phone, takes a few shots, and then points to the stone wall bordering the blanket of yellow.

“Want to sit? The sun will be all the way up soon, and I bet it looks amazing from here.”

I follow him to the wall and take a seat beside him. Close enough that if I let my knee relax, it would fall against his. “There are probably a lot of places as brewtuful as this in the world.”

He smiles. “Nothing exactly like this.”

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About the Author:

Becca Jackson is the author of mm romance stories that deliver heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

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