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Wildfire by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes


Sons of Olympus, Book 1

Wilder Pratt has given up trying to get his life together. Passed up for a promotion, left by his long-term boyfriend, nothing in his life seems to work how he planned. Wilder is just treading water . . . right up until the moment he trips over a dead student outside his office with a golden would-be murderer standing over the body.

Hermes has been running his whole life—from duty and danger, from a father who mistrusts him and siblings who outshine him. But when the students at Banneker College of magic start dropping dead one after another, Hermes’s ass is on the line. He finds himself playing bodyguard to a man who suspects him of murder, but that doesn’t seem enough to keep Professor Pratt’s hot hands off him.

An ancient evil has risen from the depths of Tartarus, and he’s coming for Banneker. The only thing standing in the way of a titanic apocalypse is one disappointing part-time professor and a god who’d rather abandon the world to its fate. But if they work together, they may just save everyone.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

A girl in the front row had taken out her notebook, flipped it open, and was staring at her syllabus. “Um, do we have a guest lecturer today?”

Hermes laughed sharply. “Absolutely not,” he cut in. “I’m the prof’s muscle.”

The girl stared at him for a second, then glanced between him and her professor. In every way, Wilder Pratt was a more substantial man than Hermes. He was taller, broader. Hermes had strong arms, lean muscles, and—if he was being modest about it—incredible legs, but Wilder Pratt was bulkier. He looked exquisitely well fed.

And he looked absolutely nothing like he needed Hermes’s protection from anything. Still, if whoever was killing mages was the same thing stealing their souls, Hermes was pretty fucking convinced that was bullshit.

“I can handle myself,” Wilder snapped.

Hermes rolled his eyes, kicking his heel against the wooden lectern. Wilder winced with every deep thud.

“Sure.” Hermes shrugged. “You might think that. You wanna try your hand though?” He asked with a wink and a suggestive wiggle of his brows. He rather liked the man’s hands.

Wilder stared at him, pupils narrowing to little dark pricks in that sea of stormy blue. “What are you talking about?”

Running the tip of his tongue over his teeth, Hermes stared out at the class. Some of the nearest students, who’d caught a whiff of trouble, leaned forward in their seats like sharks catching the scent of blood in the water. When he spoke again, he raised his voice to draw more attention.

“I’m saying if you can lay a single hit on me, I’ll relent. Agree you can take care of yourself. Maybe even let you try it.”

Wilder scoffed. “I’m not lighting the school on fire to prove a point.”

He turned toward the chalkboard behind him and erased what the last instructor had left on the board. The click of his chalk was fast and furious as he scrawled his own notes.

“You telling me you don’t have any kind of training room, teach?” Hermes asked. “Maybe you just don’t want to lose in front of all these elementalists who think you’re the shit.”

He hummed, rocking his head to one side, then the other. “Or maybe you’re just scared.” The last, Hermes practically sang.

The chalk went still, and when he glanced at the professor from the corner of his eyes, the whole of his back was absolutely rigid. Fuck, he knew this wasn’t that kind of party, but what he wouldn’t give for Wilder to toss him on his back over the lectern and just plow into him.

“No reason to be,” Hermes whispered, lowering his voice just for the furious man. “I can protect you. All your students too—no matter what’s hunting them.”

His lips twitched when Wilder pushed back off the chalk tray. Hermes had the distinct impression he’d done the wrong thing, and that was exactly what he wanted.

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About the Authors:


Sam is an author of LGBTQIA+ fiction, mostly light-hearted fantasy romances. Most of her books include a little violence, a fair amount of swearing, and maybe a sex scene or two. Or four.

She is a full-time writer who lives in the Midwest with her husband and cat. Someday, she plans to be a full-time writer who lives near the ocean with her husband, cat.

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